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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Off-Broadway tests out shows before they get to Great White Way

NY Daily News: How do you get to the Great White Way? Well, for most performers, the road starts Off-Broadway.

Roughly 100 shows open every year in the commercial and nonprofit theaters that make up the Off-Broadway League — a talent incubator that’s fueled some of the industry’s biggest hits.

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Evan Schild said...

OFF BROADWAY IS SO IMPORTANT!! I cannot stress this enough! Some of the best theater I have seen has been off Broadway. I think more people need to see the other side to theater that’s not just commercialism. Don’t get me wrong I love me some frozen and wicked but Off Broadway theater is truly amazing. Sadly, it does not do anywhere close as well as Broadway does in turning profits and staying open. Broadway shows have the funding to market and advertise their shows. Tourist come to NYC to see Broadway shows. Sadly, this means Off Broadway does not do as well. It is very expensive for a show to run in New York so if an average theater goer could either spend $50-$75 on an off Broadway ticket or $75-$100 on a Broadway ticket they will most likely spend the money seeing the Broadway show just because it’s on Broadway. I believe that just because a show is on Broadway does not mean it is any good. GO SEE OFF BROADWAY SHOWS!