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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves – Give ‘Em A Big Hand

Home Fixated: I’ve always considered myself a handy guy, and I’m generally willing to lend a helping hand if someone is short-handed. All too often, that helping hand comes back home with a splinter or gash in it, covered with a layer of grime. Yes, I have heard of work gloves, thank you very much, I just don’t always wear them when I should. In an effort to give slackers like me more options for protecting their digits, Milwaukee recently introduced a line of Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves. A few pairs of them showed up at HomeFixated recently; join us as we take a hands-on look.


Chris Calder said...

Work gloves are something I desperately need to invest in. As I am typing this article I realize how beat up my hands are from the work I am doing in the shop and theater. Just the other day I had to overhaul a piece of soft goods to the deck and my hands were screaming after because of the rope burn. This is only one example of the many times that I’ve needed gloves during crew hours. Although I have never used these gloves I do know many people that have them as their preferred brand. They look light weight and don’t appear to prohibit movability around the job. Priced at just over 30 dollars, they seem to be a bit expensive but at the end of the day, I would much rather walk home with 30 fewer dollars than having blisters covering my hands after a hard day at work.

David Kelley said...

I have always been hesitant to use work gloves, and likely that it the reason I have so many cuts, scraps, scars on my hands. This hesitancy is mostly due to two things, first the the author of this review I have large mitts and finding gloves that don't fit either incredibly loose or tight on my feels like it nigh impossible. The second reason is that for whatever strange reason I have always liked to have a tactile sense of the materials that I am handling and gloves severely hinder that. So when reading this review I was happy that the first two things called out as being good on these gloves are my two worries fit and how much tactile sensory you have wearing them. All the other features just seem to be icing on the cake if they work as stated, I say "if" because I am always leery of any smart touch technology when it comes to gloves as they have failed me miserably in the past. But eh, I think these gloves are worth taking a look at in store cause I'm kinda tire of random cuts and splinters.