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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Le Maitre Opens New Pyrotechnics Factory in Missouri

Stage Directions: Up to now, all Le Maitre pyrotechnics had been manufactured at the company’s pyrotechnics factory in Peterborough, U.K. With sales continuing to grow, the company has opened a new production facility in Missouri to meet demand.


Alex Talbot said...

I had heard of what LeMaitre produced, mainly their foggers and hazers, but I had never heard of their pyrotechnics production. Overall, the pyrotechnics industry is one that is a complete mystery to me--someone obviously has to do it, and it's probably a huge industry, considering that almost every massive arena show uses it, but I've never thought about how it fits into the industry. In terms of my knowledge, it's the same way with lasers and laser systems--I know that they don't run off of DMX or any regular lighting console, but I don't know much else besides the risks associated with them. Unfortunately, that's not something I'll ever have experience with at school, for better or for worse, but I wish there was a way to learn more about how all these systems work and how they fit into large productions such as the super bowl or large arena events.

David Kelley said...

Pyrotechnics is something in the the industry that has always intrigued me due to the fact that not many people I have been around know much about it. With that said, Le Maitre is a company that I can honestly say I have never heard of before reading this article. After looking at there website and the pyrotechnical industry as a whole I find this to be and interesting move. That is because while the idea of reducing travel cost is generally a good ones, the establishment of their pyrotechnic facilities here in the US where we are the worlds second largest exporter of pyrotechnics, just doesn't fully make sense. The way the article read it seemed like they were trying to focus on just the pyrotechnics in their new facility while producing the rest of their products in the UK. I hope this not true because the move that makes the most sense to me would be to move all production that you were exporting to North America to North America so that you are mitigating the travel cost. Also there seems to be large pyrotechnic companies than Le Maitre in the US that would provide difficult competition in the market. In conclusion interesting move by Le Maitre if it is more than just a division of pyrotechnics in the new facility.