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Thursday, March 09, 2017

In Ken Ludwig’s ‘Murder on the Orient Express,’ a Dead Man and a Writer on the Rails

The New York Times: Comparisons to the Orient Express don’t necessarily favor the 8:22 a.m. Amtrak from Trenton to Washington. Its food offerings one recent morning included Lipton tea and a shrink-wrapped blueberry muffin, not cognac and “delicate cream cheese.” And the names of the cities whizzing by — Baltimore and Wilmington, Del. — didn’t have the same ring as Konya or Vinkovci.

On the other hand, nobody was stabbed to death.

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Evan Schild said...

I never really know much about Ken Ludwig, except that he wrote some pretty well known plays. After reading this I find it so fascinating that Ken is actually a lawyer. Even when his show was on Broadway he still continued to work but just took a leave of absence for a little while. Another surprising fact was that he lives in Georgetown. I wonder what he would do when his shows on Broadway were in tech till midnight and then had to get back at noon the next day.
The show itself seems to have all the right components for it be on Broadway. They have an incredible cast and Max von Essen is one of my favorite actors. And they said they want to give it a chance to breathe after this production. I think its smart that they wait and keep working on the script. Also with the film coming it out it might get more people to see this adaption after they see the film which could be a good marketing tool.