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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Donald J. Tramp Crashes World Puppetry Day

Clyde Fitch Report: Donald J. Tramp here, 45th President of the Uniformed States of America. I recently went undercover as King Henry XIV did when he wanted to see what was going on in England when he was king. Henry and I, you know, we have many things in common. So many things. Like me, he had many wives. Like me, he lived in a tower. Like me, he was the best at everything. He got so sick of winning.


Angel Zhou said...

I apologize if I completely missed the purpose of this article, but I believe that I completely missed the purpose of this article. It was not until after I finished reading that I realized that the president’s name was misspelled in the title, which may have clarified the article a bit for me, but my current issue is that I don’t know what the point of the writing was. It was far from professional, but even if that was what the author was trying to go for, I feel like she went a little too overboard for the article to be enjoyable. It is also possible that I have become so numbed to Donald Trump’s antics that I don’t find as much humor in Trump mockery as I used to. For me, the title of the article made me believe that the president actually went to a puppetry event, but the content of the article was all disconnected and did not seem to make logical sense apart from the fact that it was trying to make fun of the president for things he said. I do feel like this article was clickbait, and I wish the author had included at least one paragraph of serious explanation.

Lauren Miller said...

The funny thing is that I cannot find any reference on the great and all=knowing internet to any event in New York for World Puppet Day (However, the Facebook page for the day does have 971 likes). To be honest, I'm not sure why someone bothered to write this article in the first place. The humor is basic and repeats what many comedians before the author have said. In fact, it fails to "poke fun" at any of the much more significant and profoundly more terrifying recent actions undertaken by the administration. It seems like the "Tramp" article simply seeks to hook the politically un-involved and provide meaningless entertainment. It seems mundane, but articles like this one are actually dangerous. It provides a sense of security from the current political climate while failing to inform the reader or do anything significant whatsoever. It's wool over the reader's eyes. Humor can be used in political attacks. Had this article been about Russia controlling Trump or certain members of the white house staff or Trump's attempts to control the republican congress (remember last week?), it might have been useful. This however, focuses on the now-cold scandals of the campaign and shortly after. It could have said something but it didn't in favor of making the reader feel secure in the face of an idiot baby president when we actually have a self-promoting, ignorant, and rash misogynist with access to powerful weapons and control of international relations running the current administration.