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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Did this year’s Oscars offer “reparations” for decades of ignoring Black actors, actresses, films?

New Pittsburgh Courier: It has been a little over a week since the Academy Awards’ epic night in Hollywood. Yet, there’s still a buzz in the film industry. The reason for the buzz, at least among Black actors, actresses, directors, and producers, was for the first time in Academy Awards history, African Americans were nominated in each of the four acting categories. The categories and Black nominees were, Best Actor (Denzel Washington for “Fences”), Best Actress (Ruth Negga for “Loving”), Best Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali for “Moonlight”), and Best Supporting Actress (Viola Davis for “Fences”), Naomie Harris (“Moonlight”) and Octavia Spencer (“Hidden Figures”). Ali and Davis received Oscars.

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Alexa James-Cardenas said...

I know I have already talked about the Oscars and Diversity, but I have a lot mixed feelings about this article. For one the idea of famous mix-up actually being a conspiracy, I find that interesting and disturbing. Interesting because yeah it could send the message (subliminal or not) of change in how the academy is now going to view and judge films (meaning a shift in how people perceive color), but disturbing in the fact that in order to get the huge attention on the film, you needed to conspire a whole plan, which made it so that people focused on the switch up rather than the actual movie. Also the idea that the reason Moonlight won is because of the boycott/protest against the Oscars last year compelled the voters to choose Moonlight is also films me with conflicted emotions. On one hand, great! People were heard, and now the academy voters will be more open-minded when it comes to nominating and choosing the winning movies with diverse casting. On the other hand, was it genuine? Did they do this because they truly saw that there needs to be a change, or did they do this because they don’t want negatives views for the Oscars? As I said before, I guess the only way to find out is to see what happens for the next few years to