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Friday, March 31, 2017

Dance review: Glue Factory Project plays with perception in 'What's Missing?'

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Watching dance can be like looking through a kaleidoscope. It refracts and reflects the world in extraordinary ways.

Instead of a mosaic of pretty colors, however, the world Beth Corning showed us in her latest dance theater piece “What’s Missing?” is one where reality is a state of mind and nothing is quite as it seems. The hourlong show — part of her ongoing Glue Factory Project spotlighting artists older than 40 — opened Wednesday at the New Hazlett Theater on the North Side and continues through the weekend.

A black-and-white photo of a wide-eyed girl clutching a pigeon was shown.

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Vanessa Ramon said...

This show sounds so cool. The first aspect of the show that stood out to me was the fact that this show spotlights artists older than 40. I think that not very many people pay attention to how in our industry performers seem to have an expiration date and I like how among other important ideals illustrated, they also made it a point to face this problem. Next, I love what this article says about the intent behind this piece and how it provides commentary or perspective to an issue that is very relevant without even having to get political. Lastly, I really enjoy how the article mentioned many different design aspects of the show even as far as the arrangement of the seating and explained how they were important choices for the piece. Overall, I would like to go see this piece and see what perspective I find in it.