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Friday, March 31, 2017

Creative Fixture Selection and Placement for Staging Design A stage is just a structure. It’s an area of physical space that we use to deliver different presentations to an audience from. What you do with this physical space is what makes it more than a structure. Every element works together to deliver a presentation that creates an atmosphere, whether it is for the better or worse.

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Antonio Ferron said...

I'm still confused as to why this website exists. There's something a little ironic about a website titled "Church Production". I have no problem with churches adding some production value to their services in an attempt to draw in young people, but this is a much. I have a problem when it goes from church to a concert. It's so weird seeing an article written about pro lighting equipment in the context of church. I just can't really see it's purpose actually. There are tons of resources out there discussing lighting and stage design. I feel like this is just a dollar store version of what we all do here. And on the other hand, I also can't see any reason why a church needs such an intense set up for their services. In either case, this website make me uncomfortable for many reasons. It makes me view these kinds of churches as commercial entities which is not what they should be.