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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Bright Half Life Explores Nonlinear Time and the Complexities of Interracial Lesbian Love

Theater - The Stranger: What do we mean when we say love lasts forever? And how does love's "foreverness" operate in a world populated by time-bound creatures who have conflicting ambitions and constantly shifting needs and expectations? Also, why do we make out and fly kites and stuff but also yell at each other?

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Sasha Schwartz said...

“Why do we make out and fly kites but also yell at each other?” I love this cute and introspective look at why we form relationships yet constantly tear them apart too, seemingly out of fear, or maybe hope. I love what the writer says about the set mimicking a cosmic vortex, in which these difficult questions could be discovered and explored by the actors. The idea that both members of the couple hurt each other in a hundred little ways because of their own insecurities/ not being aware of their privileges is an interesting idea that I think is prevalent in every relationship, whether romantic, platonic, sexual, or even familial. I think a greater theme about relationships that many plays neglect to explore is the idea that people rarely understand the gravity of the things they say to those they love. The idea of fragmenting scenes of the couple together in different chronological orders to “try and figure out” what went wrong during their relationship and when is very indicative of the cycle we go through in our minds when we have feelings for someone or are desperately trying to figure out what we could have done differently. It makes me so happy to see a mixed race lesbian relationship portrayed onstage, exploring the inherently complex idea of love in such a concise and smart way.