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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Apocalyptic Immersive Theater Event Headed to New York City May 2017

Theme Park University: We’ve all had this conversation. You’re sitting around having drinks with friends and the question pops up: how would you handle being in a true apocalypse? Now, a new apocalyptic immersive theater event known as RED will open in New York City May 2017 so you can find out just how well you’d do.

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Madeleine Wester said...

Although I really like the concept of this immersive theater piece and I think it could be very entertaining, it also could take the route of a very-apocalyptic-videogame-feeling theater piece. It is difficult to portray an apocalypse in ways that haven't been already thought up and made into movies, etc. I think the idea of having the actors change with how you interact with the environment is really unique, but otherwise I don't see a lot of original ideas. However, I think that if done correctly, this immersive theater could be a huge hit. It mostly depends on how they handle the plotline, characterization of actors, and interactivity with the audience in my opinion. Either way, I am excited to see a new form of immersive theater come to New York! I could also see a piece like this quickly getting popular in other cities. Maybe Los Angeles or Pittsburgh?