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Thursday, March 09, 2017

All the bells and whistles for Pittsburgh Public Theater's production 'Daddy Long Legs'

TribLIVE: First of all, push those images of Leslie Caron and Fred Astaire completely out of the picture.

This musical production of “Daddy Long Legs” is the real deal, based on the cherished 1912 novel by Jean Webster.

Young women around the world have kept the Cinderella story of Jerusha Abbot alive for over 100 years. The tale takes place between 1908 and 1912, but reads and sounds current.

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Katherine Sharpless said...

I got to see Daddy Long Legs this weekend with two other drama students and we liked it overall. I agree with the quoted actress playing Jerusha that the show still seems current despite being written in 1912. The plot line, for me at least, was at points unsatisfying, but the actress does really well in her complicated role, where she spends one act growing up over the course of a year and the next act growing and learning quickly over three years. I felt like I could relate to her character despite it being old fashioned and based on solely letters. The actor playing Jervy also did really well and I grew to like his initially pervy character. One issue I had with the show itself is that the audience waits the whole time for the characters to learn the truth about each other and when that satisfying moment happens at the end of the play it is only half a song long. Design wise, the costumes were beautiful and changed at perfect moments in the show. The lighting and sound started off a little lack luster but were impressive by the end. And the set has a beautiful hard wood paint treatment, but at times Jervy felt trapped with not enough space in his office. Daddy Long Legs isn't the best show I've seen this year, but I recommend it and the Public overall for their performances and designs (they have student discounts, everyone).