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Friday, March 31, 2017

Adam Savage Prepares for His Expanse Cameo!

YouTube: Adam wasn't just on set filming a behind-the-scenes special, he had an actual CAMEO on Syfy's The Expanse! And while he's getting made up for his big day, he learns about what it takes to keep track of so many futuristic looks, including tattoos.

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William N. Lowe said...

I think it was cool that this video was made because it is really important that the general public (AKA Muggles thanks to Kevin) hears about how the backstage operations function. This video was very well put together because of a few main points they pulled together very well. First, they got Adam Savage to be featured in a video, and the video itself appears to be about his cameo appearance, not about him putting on makeup for his cameo appearance. There is also the point that they spoke specifically about makeup and different methods and how they do it themselves. I don’t know anything about Expanse, but it would not surprise me — given the nerd that Adam is — that there are people who cosplay this, so it is useful for them to hear how simple some of the treatments are that they use and some inspiration for their own endeavors.