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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Adam Savage on his live science show, cosplay, and ‘promoting the joy in making things’

The Verge: “You guys have to check this out,” MythBusters veteran Adam Savage says to a small group of assembled crew members for his traveling show, Brain Candy Live! Along with Michael Stevens (host of the YouTube channel Vsauce), Savage has been touring the country with a show that is part hands-on science lesson, part TED Talk, and part Blue Man Group-style performance. I’ve followed him onto the stage before a performance, and he’s just pulled a large leaf blower out of a box. It’s an upgrade to the one used in earlier shows on the tour, he explains, and he demonstrates its power by turning it on and tossing an inflated beach ball over it. The ball, caught in the updraft, hovers over the stage, 20 feet above our heads.


Mark Ivachtchenko said...

Totally wanted to go to this once I saw that it was happening but then the ticket prices got released.... I'm kind of glad I didn't go because I've heard it was very kid-oriented and not super complex--in contrast with their you tube channels (which I recommend everyone should check out). This isn't a bad thing of course! I stressed the importance of raising your kids in this STEAM maker culture in the earlier article when Savage visited the children's museum of Pittsburgh. However, I think the pair are perfect for each other and I'm surprised this tour didn't happen earlier! With Adam Savage's maker lifestyle and Michael Steven's deep knowledge of science, maths, and how things work. In terms of an artisan, Savage's mythbusters career, props career, and youtube channel have been huge for me in terms of capturing my inner maker and taking in certain skills that I apply to my crafts. In terms of a human, Michael's channel has given me (good) headaches about some of the concept's he comments on that REALLY REALLY make you think. All-in-all, an awesome pair of people doing awesome things around the nation in terms of driving the make/STEAM community.

Annie Scheuermann said...

I watched MythBusters for years, and even will watch it from time to time if they are doing something of interest. I like that Adam Savage has kept on with what he loves, but honestly I am a little disappointed that he and so many still find this need to show kids how science and learning are fun. I have heard that phrase a million times I feel, but I never actually thought it wasn't. I know I always looked forward to science in elementary school, especially because we did so little of it. I don't think producers should be hoping to shows children the engaging part of science, because it just is. I think a better goal would be to show the value of it to education boards that dictate how much expose children have. I truly think MythBusters and TED, all these experiment based shows are so valuable. The author's interview with Adam was really interesting to hear more about his story, and I am sad to think that him and Jamie weren't best friends, but his reasoning is logical. I think we as people have such a curiosity that is with in all of us, and why we love science, but I think where the change needs to be is not about showing kids how fun science is, it is showing the value of it to allow children to have more exposure to STEM fields.

Galen shila said...

Adam was such a huge influence for me over the years. Growing up i entered a world where people encouraged creating things and DIY projects. Soon enough radio shack was carrying even more electronic parts and hobby stores where poping up all over my town. Even though that corporate enthusiasm has kind of died out and you can no longer get most electronic parts at radio shack the enthusiasm for Making has stayed with a whole generation i feel. I am always happy when people like Adam continue to spread this message. It is that message to creativity that lead me to where i am today. These shows and YouTube series are what is going to not only entertain my generation but hopefully capture the minds and hearts of the next generation so that we can encourage a whole new wave of artists and creators in the world. That is the world i want to live in.