CMU School of Drama

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Joe Allen's magic will continue despite Robert De Niro's plans Perhaps it's not so hard to believe that Joe Allen, the West End restaurant beloved by theatre-goers, is 40 years old after all. It's a much loved part of the London theatrical landscape; this was made abundantly clear by the social media outcry last November when it was revealed that Joe's would have to vacate its present Exeter Street location, owing to Robert De Niro buying the entire block and redeveloping it as a boutique hotel. De Niro was not in attendance at the 40th birthday party, which was probably just as well given the loud boos that rang out every time his name was mentioned. Who knows, maybe he would have ended up wearing one of Joe's "secret burgers" (the burger is always available but it isn't on the menu).

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