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Friday, December 09, 2016

Your Next Birthday Party Needs This Life-Size Balloon Animal T-rex Skeleton Mark Verge makes balloon animals, but his creations aren’t limited to just tiny poodles and flowers like some yellow pages birthday clown. As YouTube’s Coolest Thing channel reveals, he instead builds mammoth creations using nothing but balloons, including a life-size version of a T-rex skeleton.

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Liz He said...

This looks so funny! I bet those kids who are huge dinosaur fans, who scream with excitement every time they go to a natural history museum, who have all the models of all kinds of dinosaurs, and who can tell you the name, height, weight, features, histories of these gigantic creatures non-stop, will love this as a birthday gift. The interesting part is to think of the amusing contrast between the ferocious nature of tyrannosaurus, their agility and aggression, and the fact that it is made out of fragile, floaty balloons.
The artist really puts great effort into paying much attention to the details – the teeth, the mandible, the skull, every shape the bone, the joints, the proportion and position of those are almost life like. He really has practiced the art craft of balloon animal making to a perfection. His hands are incredibly fast and it seems like he can make anything out of the balloons. I can only imagine how fun it was for the artist himself to make this, to take balloon animal making to a completely high level.