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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Gaming and the Future of Dramaturgy: Goethe's "Faust" as an Immersive and Interactive Experience

The Theatre Times: My first job, as a web designer out of college, was at Time Magazine in 1995. That was the year when Time Magazine started, and they were looking for a new media designer, who would convert their publishing content into digital content. It was a different time back then; the internet era had begun, but web content was generated as if it were a print magazine: we had a weekly update, as Time Magazine was a weekly magazine. My main job was to make a fancy website of the print magazine covers whenever the new cover was released. I did that for two years; those were the “dot-com days”. But back then I wanted more interaction and I found video games very suitable for that. It was more like communication, a bi-directional medium because the game you create doesn’t end unless the player plays it. It was the form of media that I wanted to create: video games seem to be pure.

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