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Friday, December 09, 2016

Colorful light to illuminate London's river bridges Artist Leo Villareal and his team have been chosen to develop a series of installations that will light up the bridges along the River Thames in London, UK. Their contest-winning proposal, "Current," envisages colorful lighting installed on the 17 bridges from Tower Bridge to Albert Bridge.

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Liz He said...

The lighting design for the London bridges is amazing. I love it when designs are shown with respect to histories and its real-life surroundings. And these lighting designs for the bridges have done all of them. The designers took time to study the river, listened to the local people, and aimed for a design that is not only cohesive among the 17 bridges but also provides a subtle rebalance to its ambient lighting on the river. The concept aerial photograph of River Thames at night time is absolutely stunning. The design and color varies to show different characteristics for each bridge, but at the same time, all of them are tenderly, gently, and yet firm tell the story of the River Thames together. The lighting help the bridges to stand out at night unapologetically to remind people of their beauty and their importance in history, not too loud, not too bridge, just like a gentleman.
If I’m being picky about this already wonderful concept, I would question why they did not choose to employ clean reusable energy, such as solar energy, to power the LED lights?