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Monday, September 26, 2016

Staging Local, Staying Small

HowlRound: HowlRound contributors like Marshall Botvinick, Deborah Salem Smith, and Brianna Susan Smith have praised efforts to encourage local theatre that benefits a local economy. This is a way to engage a community and support a radius of artists who seek to be recognized for their work. For Medford-based Two Roads Performance Projects, staying local has always been important. Our mission is to support the creation of local art through site-specific performance and environmentally and historically-based dance and theatre. Recently, the intersection of local history and theatre has created a unique set of challenges for us to serve our community while asking far-reaching questions.

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Delaney Johnson said...

This article and more importantly the show, Letters to Medford: A Play About the Future According to the Past, mentioned in this article are so intriguing to me. I appreciate this show for its focus on the past and how that past and the events that have happened really effect our future. The actions and choices made today really do set standards on how people will reflect on our time hundreds of years in the future. Who will future americans and future humans think we were if they only know what we have done according to history books? With all the serious issues in the news this summer along with the looming presidential decision to be made, our generation is look at under a microscope even more now than ever before. As we choose a president for the future it is important that we choose a candidate that will make our country something that someone will be proud to read about in history class years to come. With this concept in mind, I think this play is very important to be put on now. Staying small and focusing on the past is a very important way to create a better future!