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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Special Report: Women in Events 2016

Event Marketer: Our annual Women in Events dialogue continues this year with another impressive panel of female executives sharing their perspectives on everything from breaking through the glass ceiling (including some great ideas on the art of salary negotiation), to cultivating confidence at work and taking on the biggest challenge of them all: striking a work-life balance.

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Sarah Battaglia said...

There need to be events like these everywhere. They should be on college campus's they should happen at big companies, and everyone man or woman, should have to sit through them and listen to what the difference is between a woman in a position of power and a man. I know plenty of men who will swear that there is no difference, they we are equal. We are not. The way to prove this to them is by showing. they have to learn and see first hand that what women go through to reach the top is very difficult and commanding a room is a skill we have to nurture and calculate for years before we can do it successfully. Respect is not something we are born with like men, but something we have to earn. Men need to know that. But women also need to feel empowered enough to take what they deserve. We have waited long enough for men to give us equal space and its not happening so we have to take it. These events are so important because they show women who feel scared to take a stand that it is okay, and that they will be supported, even if its not a lot. It's time we stopped waiting for society to catch up with us and started pushing it farther.