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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Seven Drama Alumni Nominated for Emmys Just one year out of school and Will Gossett already has an Emmy.

Gossett, a 2015 graduate of Carnegie Mellon University's School of Drama, was a member of the team that won the 2016 Emmy for Best Lighting Design/Lighting Direction for a Variety Special for his work on "Grease: Live." The Creative Arts Emmys were announced Sept. 10 and 11.


Jamie Phanekham said...

So often we at CMU focus on our star alums, talking about Patrick Wilson, or Leslie Odom Jr. But when 6 of the seven of these Emmys nominations are design, maybe we should focus on that a little more. As with the recent list that came out, naming our design school as number, this article just helps me, and I hope others realize, that though there is hierarchy at our school, where performers sometimes believe they are the best, the designers are also killing it in the real world.
And, I didn't even know that most of these people were CMU alums, previously. For instance, why don't we advertise more that an alum designs one of the most critically acclaimed series of today- House of Cards? And I only knew that Mark Worthington, designer of AHS went here, because he's my Production Design Hero.
Sometimes, I feel bad, as an aspiring production designer to only see all these Broadway stars, and I think where are all our film and TV designers?? But, clearly they are out there getting nominated for Emmys. Next step- can one of you get me some connections?

Megan Jones said...

It's so cool to see our school being recognized in this way, and what's especially cool is that we've been honored with over 100 Emmy awards. I have to agree with Jamie though, I wish that people would point out that the majority of awards that we are nominated for and win are due to our design program. When people think of Carnegie Mellon School of Drama they always immediately think of our acting program, which can be a little frustrating at times. This isn't to discount the actors at all, because they work just as hard as us. However, it's crazy to me that I had no idea that production designers for House of Cards, Big Bang Theory, and American Horror Story all went here. We should try to promote our programs equally, because everyone works so hard and creates such great things.

To quote the DP senior class at convocation this year, "Hey actors, we win Tonys too"

Zak Biggins said...

C'MON CARNEGIE. I am so proud to go to a school with such a tightly-knit cohort within the school of drama. Our alumni are and will continue to work. They are amazing. I am so proud to go to school with such talented people across every single major. At other universities certain programs are valued more than others (ex MT programs get more respect than Acting which both get more respect than DP) but at CMU I find that stigma way less. Here at cmu, we value all theatre artists and we're very cognitive of what it takes to actually put on a show. No one is more important than any one else- every one is essential and we're all working towards the same end product. I'm so excited that the DP program was recently ranked number 1 and people value our program just as seriously as they do for the Acting and MT program.

Javier Galarza-Garcia said...

I totally agree with Jamie and Megan on this. It is amazing that our school CMU has produced so many wonderful artists who have received countless awards. This year, six out of our seven Emmy's, I'm referring to them as if they are OUR Emmys which is a different issue all together, were in design categories. As a DP in the School of drama, I really fight to make sure that design, technology, and management are on equal pedestals. We as a community of artists should promote the School of Drama as a whole and not only choose the popular programs. Again 6/7 Emmys went to designers. It just shows that SOD in its entirety, actors, designers, MTs, Directors, everyone are capable of achieving such goals. We just have to respect each other's art and not demean it due to pride.