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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sample a variety during Pittsburgh's dance season

TribLIVE: Rehearsals are already under way for the coming dance season in Pittsburgh, which promises to be impressively wide-ranging. Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and Pittsburgh Dance Council, which is part of the Cultural Trust, offer complementary programming at the highest level. The ballet specializes in full-length works expressed through classic technique, such as the family Christmas favorite “The Nutcracker,” as well as more contemporary styles. The Dance Council is a presenting organization that brings in a mix of American and international companies.


Vanessa Ramon said...

This article does a great job at bringing to light the diversity the Pittsburgh ballet season has this year. It not only explains the variety of companies that are going to be featured but also they variety of shows that will be preformed. I am not a person who has seen many ballet performances but I have always wanted to see more. I think it is great that the ballet scene of Pittsburgh is providing their audience with a diverse season while still including some classic productions that can attract more potential audience members. The article also mentions that there are several different companies participating that are of different scale and style. It is great to hear about an artistic community that supports big and small businesses alike and whatever work they are pursuing. Overall, this article could have been a little more effective in supporting its claim if it elaborated on the facts that it presented such as comparing this seasons diversity to past seasons, but with the facts that it presented i became curious to know more!

Amanda Courtney said...

Pittsburgh is fortunate to not only have a thriving dance culture, but to also have a ballet company seated here. The Pittsburgh Ballet is a powerful and well respected ballet company in its own right, and the season they put on should not disappoint. It seems as though there is a wider range than is typical in terms of styles of dance being performed this year. Even beyond the performances the article mentions, there are several other events - such as Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's collaboration with Dance Theater of Harlem - that will also add to the diverse dance program already being presented.

Hopefully I will be able to see some of these performances over the course of the year. In the meantime I am glad to see that a variety of dance performances continue to enrich the well known and already vibrant Pittsburgh cultural scene, and I hope these performances meet with success.

Sam Molitoriss said...

I'm very excited for the upcoming season of dance here in Pittsburgh. It's good to see Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre doing some innovative and boundary-pushing pieces. I saw the mixed rep show that PBT did last season, and I enjoyed the mix of styles that was represented. It seems that Orr is continuing to move PBT forward, while still retaining the classical nature of ballet. Maybe someday, we'll see something other than The Nutcracker around the holiday times... No, who am I kidding? What's a ballet company without The Nutcracker? I think it's great that we have a world-renounced dance company right here in Pittsburgh. I wouldn't say it's the most obvious place to put a dance company, but I think PBT's strong presence has been one of the driving forces of the large increase in the arts that we're seeing in the present. I look forward to seeing even more new and interesting theatre, opera and dance come out of Pittsburgh in the near future.