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Friday, September 23, 2016

Prolyte Campus blog: Stick to the nodes – Part 2

Prolyte: There are some different points of view on node points in our business. This is caused by the fact that welding in aluminium alloys causes a weakened area in the material in and around that weld, known as the HAZ (heat affected zone). We know that almost all trusses do have a multitude of welding positions that will meet in node points and can be heavily present in the connection part areas.

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David Kelley said...

I find this interesting because it seems that often we forget to about how heat affects the materials that we work with. With the article explaining about the effects a of Heat Affected Zones in welding we see that this is a matter that needs to be thought about when to considering a structural design. The other interesting part that i find with the article is that even with the knowledge of Heat Affected Zone's there are multiple opinions on how to best to approach this issue when creating trust. This seems to be a fact of the theatrical world as a whole two in that we always seems to be able to find multiply ways to solve a single problem, and even the simplest of problems can cause us to disagree with each other on the best means to solve the problem. All in all this is a interesting article.