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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Native Communities and Climate Change, Center Stage

HowlRound: We need, collectively, to break up with Aristotle and elementally reframe and fast-track evolve a holistic understanding—an Indigenous understanding—of what it means to be human in a vibrant world that includes and transcends humankind.

We need Native voices—historically dehumanized, marginalized, silenced, and subject to appropriation—center stage in all discussions leading to effective efforts, as Native communities are center stage in the experience of climate change.

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Delaney Johnson said...

Broadway and Theatre as a whole has been changing immensely even since I was a kid just less than twenty years ago. It is battling the predetermined notions of big stage theatre being a white washed image of culture to the middle and upper class society of America. With productions like Hamilton breaching the market, theatre artist and viewers are beginning to look more closely at who exactly is being represented on stage. Equal racial representation on broadway is a very in topic right now with debates over everything from the crazy ticket prices of Hamilton or casting decisions on the new production of Mulan. But is everything really improving as much as we think? Are all group really represented. I enjoyed this article because it opened my eyes to all the minorities not being represented enough in the theatre world, including Native Americans. If we are to really make a radical change to the image of Broadway and racial inclusion then we have to make a conscious effort to get a voice for all groups.