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Thursday, September 22, 2016

NATEAC Raises $11,000 for Behind the Scenes

Stage Directions: There were 150 attendees at the North American Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference (NATEAC) charity dinner at Sardi’s this year, and together they raised more than $11,000 for Behind the Scenes.

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evan Schild said...

This seems like an amazing cause! When reading this I got a little sad that they did not raise more money though. I think they would be able to raise more money if more people knew about this charity.This charity could end up helping some of us in the DP option as it "provides financial support to entertainment technology industry professionals who are seriously ill". Even though none of us plan to get sick or ill sometimes things happen. And with amazing charities like this they can help families when things get rough. Hopefully more people can find out about this organization and they can raise even more money!