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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Maker Faire Pittsburgh sets loose 200 makers for a weekend circus of creativity

NEXTpittsburgh: Pittsburgh will put its indelible spin on inventive genius when Maker Faire Pittsburgh (MFP) materializes on the North Side this October.

This is the second full-scale Maker Faire for the city, the largest and most comprehensive display of maker ingenuity in the Northeast between Detroit and New York City. More than 200 makers of all ages will come together for a weekend circus of creativity, science and performing arts on the commons of Nova Place.


jcmertz said...

I hadn't realized that the Pittsburgh Maker Faire had moved up from a Mini Maker Faire to a full sized event. I have never been before because it has always coincided with Orientation, but I think I will definitely have to attend this year. I'm excited to see how the maker community in Pittsburgh has grown over the last 5 years to make this event possible, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it continues to grow.

Julien Sat-Vollhardt said...

I have always had fond memories going to the East Bay mini Maker Faire for the past few year, but I never got to go to the main San Francisco Faire, a flagship of the organization. Recently, I actually had the opportunity to contribute to a maker faire installation. I volunteered in the fabrication of a Burning Man exhibit called Seagrass (you can see it in action here which went on to be shown at the maker faire. I will definitely be going to this one, and just absorb all the awesome technology and innovation happening there.

Marisa Rinchiuso said...

I've never heard of a fair like this before! What an amazing thing it is. Reading about it sounds incredible. I have always thought that tangible learning is the best way to inspire people. The article mentions a lot about how this fair inspires young kids to go on to create and design. I think all of the hands-on activities and inventions give kids a way to interact with new technology that can give it a more meaningful and lasting impact. I am glad to hear that it has been growing. I think it's very necessary that large cities such as Pittsburgh seek out opportunities to allow for creative minds to be able to express and create in a open and encouraging environment. When big cities start events like these, it sets the example for other cities. Suddenly creativity spread like wild fire.

Galen shila said...

I am so happy Pittsburgh has a maker fair! My brother and i have always been makers and have held a subscription to MAKE magazine for many years. I have heard about maker fairs but it has always been something that is far away like a beautiful animal in another country. The community surrounding the idea of making has been a wholesome one i accredit that community to my own interest in making things as well as my love for costume making and theater.