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Monday, September 19, 2016

Lisa Carr wins 2016 Gary Maker Audience Award

DC Theatre Scene: Lisa Carr, an enthusiastic DC theatergoer who considers less than a hundred shows to be a “slow year”, has won the 2016 Gary Lee Maker Audience Award as this year’s outstanding audience member.

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Sarah Boyle said...

I love that they have an award for an outstanding audience member! In my high school theatre program, we had a favorite audience member who we referred to as scarf guy. Scarf guy was just a retired guy who went to see a lot of high school theatre productions because he liked theatre and it was cheap. He came to see all of our shows. Everyone got excited. Some actors, who were in a lot of productions, would rush to find him after the performance to get his feedback. His name (real name, not scarf guy) was in the thank you section of every program. We invited him to our end of year banquets. He ended up joining the theatre boosters. At one point, our director even knitted scarf guy a scarf. In hindsight, it seems like a strange relationship our theatre program had with scarf guy, but it was fun. His presence brought a new energy to every show. Supportive, returning audience members are a pretty amazing thing.