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Monday, September 19, 2016

Do Artists Have a Competitive Edge in the Gig Economy?

NEA: Artists are all too familiar with the act of juggling multiple jobs in order to sustain their art work. While for many multiple jobholding is an economic necessity, as the original gig workers artists may have a competitive edge to sustaining work in the new gig economy.

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Alexa James-Cardenas ( said...

When I first read the headline, one of the things I first thought about was the stereotype that being an artist, in the various meanings of the word, was very much financially inefficient. However, the strategies that the articles offer and the broader realization that in fact freelance could be beneficial not just financially, but in terms of learning is very encouraging. It makes sense that if a person was an artist that did do different gigs, that they would want to have an extra-job that has something to do with their artistry. As they are doing different gigs and have their art-related job, they are constantly learning and improving their skill set. Also freelance artist aren’t always necessarily the solo-artist versus the entire world type. Most people do have friends and family that they can rely on, which I argue helps with humility, as it is like a group effort, but you are the fire they help caring on a torch. There are many ways where freelance could turn to shit, but things are different from 30, 20, 10 years ago. The identity of the gig-lancer is being more defined and appreciate it, as different audience activity looks for artist that aren’t that well-known (and some may say underrated). As our culture goes along, I think slowly, but surely it’s becoming more freelance friendly.