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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Wizard of Ahs - Dazzle The District Compilation

YouTube: We produced the “Dazzle the District: Lighting the Legacy” event at Playhouse Square, which presented the unveiling and lighting of the Guinness World Record GE Chandelier. The event took place on May 2, where over 20,000 people gathered for the show, and to witness for the first time, the illumination of world’s largest outdoor chandelier.

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Max Rose said...

Just watching this video made me jealous of the people who had the opportunity to see what looked like an amazing public spectacle. It’s events like this that keep the public entertainment industry running, and you can never have too many of them. As someone who lives in a community that is nearly devoid of art, watching this gives me hope. It lets me see that the entertainment industry is such a powerful force that it can bring thousands of people together to watch…. a chandelier get turned on. Granted, it’s a big chandelier, but it’s still a chandelier. But that’s the beauty of the industry: taking anything at hand and making it a spectacle. Because of this, we have the industry to thank for making life just a bit more interesting, and can only hope that continues for a long time.