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Friday, August 01, 2014

Why TV Production Has Migrated Overseas

Variety: If watching TV’s most prestigious dramas gives you wanderlust, there’s a good reason. More U.S. series than ever before are filming outside of North America, and it’s not simply a case of runaway production. Networks, especially the big guns in basic and premium cable, are embracing the unique value of shooting a show overseas.

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Jess said...

I think this goes to show what type of country America is. We lack any real historical significance in comparison to other countries that have stood hundreds of years before us. We are a modern society, driven by what is happening in the now versus appreciating what came before us. In other countries, time has certainly changed them, however, they hold an understanding and respect for their past. They do not concern themselves so much with constantly moving forward. They are willing to preserve the past in order to inspire their future.

In the television world, I think this is essential. Trying to fabricate and recreate these “worlds” that are very much still a part of society is fruitless. If you want to accurately portray something, I feel it is more important to go straight to the source. While the cost does play a factor, I think going to these countries improves the production as a whole. It helped bring life to things possibly forgotten.