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Friday, August 01, 2014

The First “Into The Woods” Trailer Has Arrived The first trailer for “Into The Woods” is here, and it gives us pretty much nothing to work with. There’s no singing, which is a little odd considering that this movie is supposed to be a musical. There’s also no Johnny Depp, and about three seconds worth of words. Not impressed so far. I’m already disappointed enough that this movie has been Disneyfied — in its onstage life, “Into The Woods” was always meant to be a fairytale for adults with some not-so-pleasant themes.


Jasmine Lesane said...

I don’t think that the lack of…scripted content is any reason to be upset with this trailer. If you’ve seen the musical-and odds are if you’re talking about this you have-then you know the story line. There’s been so much talk about what Disney is going to do with the show itself and they settled it. They introduced viewers to the world they created for the musical. They gave us something us a clear depiction of their setting and what several of the characters look like in the film. It is just like a different production team working on a show that’s already been done. When the content already exist the only thing you bring to the table is the world you create it in. Had the preview spent the time to show the lines we already know they would’ve been wasting our time. And as far as Disney changing the content, it has become pretty clear through how graphic ‘Malificent,’ one of their newer films is, that Disney is no longer afraid to push the boundaries on what should be allowed in children’s movies.

Alexa Taladay said...

I don’t necessarily believe that the movie is going to be bad just because the trailer isn’t all that. Often trailers are made to show hints of the CGI and dramatics that take place in the movie- cutting to the actors in the middle of a song would be uncomfortable. The few words spoken in the trailer was also most likely a stylistic choice, in that it was kept mysterious and vague. It was as if they attempted to leave the audience wanting to know more about the “wish”, in a subtle way. Johnny Depp’s character looks extremely fake from the shots shown in the trailer, so I’m worried that it won’t pander to adults as much as the play. By bringing the story from the theatre to the stage, however, Disney may expose the undertones of the plot that isn’t necessarily easy to catch when watching the production in a theatrical setting.

Jess said...

It is interesting how quickly people are to judge a production like this. Since the announcement that Disney was taking on this project, everyone has speculated what the movie was going to entail. While I personnally was skeptical about the nature of the content and how Disney was going to portray it because in all honesty, it is Disney. They market to younger audiences and I was curious to see how they were going to keep the story of Into the Woods alive while continuing to reach their target demographic. However, to feel anger towards this trailer is pointless. The purpose of a movie trailer is to intrigue the audience. It starts with “I wish,” an important motif of the story. It introduces the cast and what characters they are playing. I feel while it was a very vague trailer, it did its job quite nicely. To detail the entire story or reveal major plot would only hurt the production. Disney made an attempt to keep things in the open air in order to get people into the theaters. They gave them little to judge the actual film off of, which is an effective way of drawing aduiences in, even if they are a little reluctant.

Chris Calder said...

After watching this trailer I must say i'm not impressed. The media team at Disney must have taken clips from every part of this movie and crammed them into one 2 minute video. I am surprised to see such a lack of music, considering that the film is adapted from a musical you would think there would be some representation, but you won't get that from the trailer at all. The phrases that pop up after every clip are very hard to follow and it strongly detracted from the video. I only honestly felt like following one story thread through the trailer. Luckily for me, I did the show at my high school and I have some background knowledge about the show. Granted, this only a first trailer and the film still has a long way to go until it’s ready to be seen by anyone. I have a feeling that after they get more footage or when they are willing to show more details from the movie the trailers will start to represent the movie well and really attract more viewers.

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