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Saturday, August 02, 2014

7 Things “Star Wars” Taught Me About Productivity

99U: I saw the original Star Wars when I was seven years old and it changed my life. We all have faith in something; usually a mixture of some personal beliefs with modern science. I am like that also. Mostly, I just believe in what works. Which, for me, is The Force. I admit it.

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Alexa Taladay said...

Though there are some fundamental lessons taken away from Star Wars, I’m not exactly sure how “Be around other Jedi’s” is a lesson to be learned. Having friends that want the best for you and help you make good decisions are extremely valuable, but surrounding yourself with friends that have the same beliefs can often lead to ignorance- so watch out! As for the “Be Open-minded” value, Open-mindedness flourishes in the face of adversity, so you can try to learn both sides of an argument by being subjected to dissenting viewpoints. Star Wars was written with some very strong messages that became sufficiently relayed to the audience, and seeing it as a child definitely helped many people pick up core values in development. But if you notice, many of the ideals in this list are extremely similar to the principles picked up by monks and wise men- which makes me wonder how George Lucas found a way to convey these doctrines to the world when he was only a young adult.