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Friday, August 01, 2014

20th Century Fox to build theme park in South Korea

LA Times: Another multibillion-dollar Asian theme park is in the works: 20th Century Fox announced plans Wednesday to build one in South Korea.
The announcement comes only seven months after the entertainment company broke ground on a 25-acre theme park in Malaysia.


Jonah Camiel said...

While I understand the business strategies behind the opening of this theme park in South Korea, part of me does not understand why so many American theme park entertainment companies want to open parks in Asian countries. While it is true that this is a great new and emerging market for theme park entertainment, one would think that it would be primarily occupied by local entertainment companies instead of these American well-knows moving over seas. Local business is crucial to any functioning economy and in this situation I worry about the overpopulation of foreign business in one sector, in this case theme park entertainment. The fact that 20th Century Fox is not the first to do this shows how common this strategy is. Disney was one of the first theme park corporations to move out of the country and build parks in places like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Paris. Front a business perspective it is a great idea that should generate a lot for these American companies. However, looking at this from the consumer perspective (which in my opinion is the most important) I would think that they would want a theme park that embodied their country a little more than an attempt by an American based company would.

Chris Calder said...

Ever since I was a wee lad I have loved going to the amusement park to go on the rides and interact with the “theme” aspect. Now that I have had time to grow up and realize what’s truly going on with the business models of places like these, my respect for them has grown immensely. They can mark up the prices of items by 500% and people will still throw money at them hand over fist. I can’t say that the people in Asia will fall into the same trap that the consumerist masses in America have, but considering the massive expansion that is occurring in these parts. I find it rare when a family hasn't made a trip to some kind of theme park or carnival. Every single time my family would go on trips I swear my dad was more excited to go on the rides than I ever was, which interested me as a kid, seeing how you never really outgrow that kind of fun. Whenever we make the trip to Six Flags New England I still start foaming at the mouth when I see the Batman ride, 17 years old or not.