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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why you should read the Broadway Chat Boards

The Producer's Perspective: I like to cruise by the Broadway chat boards every once in awhile. Why?
First and foremost, the folks that frequent the boards, and the folks that post on the boards are our avids. They are so filled with passion for Broadway and for the theater in general that when they can’t see a show, they want to talk about shows, and when they can’t find anyone who can talk about them, they search for other folks just like them online. So it’s important to see what is making these groups happy, and pee-ing them off.

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Janine Rogers said...

Really interesting article. As a young consumer of theatre, I don't often get to actually see the shows I'm interested in. Thus, most of my interaction with recent shows comes from the internet. To be honest, the only way I stay up to date is by following Broadway fangirls on Tumblr. True, sometimes my dashboard just fills with "Jason Forbach and Joe Spieldenner are the cutest Enjolras and Grantaire ever!!!!". But when the Tonys come around and I'm too busy with homework to watch, Tumblr is the first place I go to see some GIFs and insightful commentary. Also, it's the best when some kind soul posts musical soundtracks on Youtube. I've never seen a production of Once, but I've listened to the soundtrack so many times and read so many teenage girls talk about it on Tumblr that I'm pretty much an expert.