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Saturday, February 08, 2014

To Honor Ann Roth with Distinguished Achievement Award, Monograph USITT will celebrate Ann Roth’s 50-year career in costume design with a 2014 Distinguished Achievement Award and a new monograph of her work at the 2014 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Fort Worth, Texas.
A designer for stage, film, and television, Ms. Roth won the 1997 Best Costume Design Oscar for The English Patient and two Tonys for Best Costume Design, for The Book of Mormon in 2011 and The Nance in 2013. She was inducted into Broadway’s Theater Hall of Fame in 2011.


Becki Liu said...

This is awesome... Haha, I keep thinking about that "where do you see yourself in five years article" I wonder what Ann Roth thought when she was still in college. Walking around the CMU campus, did she every think that she would be winning a tony, an oscar, an award from USITT???? Now, 50 years is a lot longer than 5 years, but still. We never know what the future has in store for us, it's scary yet exhilarating to think of the future. Sometimes I get too caught up in it. Haha, CMU provides such a great future for those who walk through it's halls. Where's the future going to take me?!

Keith Kelly said...

Its fascinating to me that Ann Roth is a CMU alumni and she has become such a well know costume designer. Although the program was probably much different back then, Roth has worked her way up to the top of the industry. I love how practically everyone in theatre starts out with a small shop job and overtime works their way up to the top. Its rare that someone becomes instantly becomes well off and maintains steady work immediately out of school. Ann Roth deserves all the awards she has won because she is a smart and dedicated designer. Hopefully she will continue to product amazing work until the day she dies .

Albert Cisneros said...

I love reading articles like this because it makes me so hopeful for the future. We really are a powerhouse of entertainment professionals in all fields. One of the things that is also great is how our alumni don't only go into theater, but delve into so many different forms of entertainment. I myself would love to eventually go into film and production design, and I think a lot of our students really do not feel bound to theater. Ann Roth is a testament to the wonderful education of this institution and to the sprawling Alumni network that we have around the world. I know that our network and the future alumni of this school will continue to expand and move into all new forms of entertainment .