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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Growth and the Immigrant Perspective I try to read a wide variety of articles and books and, in doing so, I’ve discovered some thought provoking – at least for me – ideas. I’ve also “met” some very interesting, intelligent people.
I found the quote above and its author, Mr. Llopis, in an on-line article in Forbes during the period when we were working intensely to transition the strategic plan into a business plan for USITT. What caught my attention at first was the relationship between learning, growing, and one’s work since that notion is a foundation of USITT’s purpose. That foundation is more than 50 years old now, so I started to think about how that idea could be approached in a new way. At that point my focus shifted to the first part of the quote: If you are not thinking, you’re not learning new things.

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Lukos said...

I really agree and understand this article. Although I am not an immigrant ( I am first generation Cuban-American) both my parents are and essentially my entire family above the age of 35. I also grew up in Miami which is compromised of mostly immigrants from all over but mostly Cuba. The immigrant perspective is very much ingrained in me and my three brothers and basically everyone i know from back home who have moved forward. My mom being a successful Cuban Entrepreneur definitely has this mentality and has tried her hardest to make sure all her children have it to and for a good reason; IT HELPS! Being able to see and take advantage of all the opportunities around you gives you the benefit of being well rounded and having high adaptability is key to success. I guess I will have to tell my mother that she was right all along.