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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sneak Peek of TechShop Pittsburgh It’s just a few weeks away. March 9, TechShop is set to open its doors in Bakery Square. The Pittsburgh Technology Council has been following every move. We had techShop on TechVibe Radio in January and we even shot a little promo video. I just got back from from some pre-media events this afternoon and the machinery is being installed. Activity is all over the place. TechShop Founder Jim Newton gave me a personal tour of the progress. He’s double stoked to be making the final descent and land TechShop in Pittsburgh next month as its seventh location. TEQ has coverage of TechShop in its upcoming March issue, but we’ve decided to provide Techburgher readers with a first read of the story. It’s right below, by yours truly!

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Jess Bergson said...

This looks really fantastic. The article mentions that TechShop will be collaborating with local universities. I wonder if CMU will be included in that collaboration. At CMU, as drama students, we are really lucky to not only have access to all of our shop's machinery and tools, but also have highly-skilled people who are able to train us in those tools. TechShop seems like a great place for people who aren't as fortunate as we are as drama students to have a playground for creativity, and have the tools to make their designs and ideas come to life. I am anxious to see how TechShop does in its Pittsburgh location. I would guess that they will do fairly well, especially with the entertainment industry growing in Pittsburgh. I wonder how many employees they will have onsite, as I would imagine that most average customers will not know how to use the machines and tools at TechShop. This means that they may have to have a decent number of skilled employees in order to not only train customers on the machines, but also to maintain the tools and machinery in the shop. Overall, this is an incredible concept for a business, and I wish them well.