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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Intiman Hopes To Reopen Next Summer Intiman Theater was founded in 1972. Over the past 39 years, Intiman, the Seattle Repertory Theatre and ACT Theatre have been Seattle's three major companies. They helped establish the city's reputation as a regional theater hub.

How Millennials Can Survive And Thrive In The New Economy

Forbes: “People entering the labor market now not only will face a harder time finding jobs, but they also may have difficulty finding the careers they might be hoping for,’’ warns MIT professor James Poterba, president of the National Bureau of Economic Research. Same goes for income. Entering the labor market during a recession means an average of $100,000 in lost lifetime wages, estimates Yale economist Lisa Kahn. (That’s in present discounted dollars, for you finance majors.)
All this is a rude shock to Millennials, also known as Gen Y and, less kindly, Generation Me. They grew up believing they’d be flying high so long as they followed a well-defined path: Notch a high score on the SAT or ACT, go to a good college, earn a respectable GPA and get a decent job. Work a few years, then go to grad school for further seasoning and come out with a job lucrative enough to pay off those hefty loans.

Big Ten Network Gets Big Rebranding

Chicago Scenic Studios, Inc.: Change is constant in TV and the Big Ten Network (BTN) is no different. The joint venture of Fox Networks and the Big Ten Conference that owns and distributes the Big Ten Network rebranded it as "BTN" in May 2011 and soon after that, the changes began to roll out.

Ryder Cup Captains' Charity Golf Shot

Chicago Scenic Studios, Inc.: Ryder Cup Captains Davis Love III and José María Olazábal recently participated in an unusual "Ryder Cup Captains' Charity Golf Shot" event in downtown Chicago.

Diversity in Excellence

Stage Directions: There’s big, there’s small. There’s the public art magnet school and there’s the Jewish parochial academy where all theatre-related classes and activities are done outside regular school hours. But all the schools honored here (nominated by our readers, chosen by SD staff) share an unabashed passion for theatre and a desire to turn that into a life-long love of the performing arts. Without any further ado, here are the six programs that are inspiring students to performing and technical excellence.

Audio Effects Explained, Part 1 – Modulation

Pro Sound Web: A while ago I mentioned using modulation effects to help create movement within a mix.
In this article I’ll explain the different types of modulation effects that we have available for mixing.
The effects I’ll be explaining are:
-- Tremolo
-- Vibrato
-- Flanging
-- Phasing or Phase Shifting
-- Chorus
I’ll start with some easy ones then move on to the harder to explain, but more commonly used, effects.

Karl Jackson Chief Audio Technician, United States Marine Band

Pro Sound Web: When Karl Jackson applied for the position of chief audio technician for “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band (USMB) fresh out of DePaul University in 1995, he really didn’t think he’d get the job.
Founded in 1798 by an Act of Congress, the USMB is the oldest continuously active professional musical organization in the nation, with a stated purpose of providing music for the president of the United States and the commandant of the Marine Corps.

Rockettes Dance To New Projections

Live Design: The Rockettes are more technology savvy than ever before in the latest version of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, which opened on November 16, 2011 and runs through January 2, 2012.

TOMCAT began to celebrate its 25th Anniversary at LDI 2011

Briefingroom on LiveDesignOnline: TOMCAT was proud to participate in the 2011 LDI trade show in Orlando, Florida where it officially started its 25th Anniversary celebration with customers, partners and friends. In this occasion, TOMCAT shared projects, products and installations created and displayed throughout its history (1987-2012). TOMCAT sister staging companies Litec and Brilliant Stages joined TOMCAT and shared its most recent manufactured and installed custom projects. Continuing its commitment to training and education in the entertainment industry, TOMCAT successfully delivered the training session “Strength Under Pressure—What Makes a Truss System Safe Indoors & Out? as part of LDI’s Rigging and Electrical Bootcamp.

Are the Arts Irrelevant to the Next Generation?

Miller-McCune: Are you concerned about the future of the fine arts? New research from Norway suggests you have every right to fret.
A study just published in the journal Poetics suggests art forms such as literature and classical music “are becoming increasingly more irrelevant for most students’ cultural lives.” This points to “an increasingly precarious position for traditional highbrow culture,” according to a trio of researchers led by the University of Bergen’s Jostein Gripsrud.

'G.I. Joe' film crew member killed on set in New Orleans Michael Huber, 54, of Ponchatoula was pronounced dead around noon on Tuesday at University Hospital, said John Gagliano, chief investigator for the Orleans Parish coroner.
Gagliano declined to discuss details of the death or Huber's injuries.

Joffrey Ballet's Nutcracker: Costumes keep wardrobe, scenery staff on its toes Like Santa's elves, costume shop workers have been racing to meet their deadline, stitching, sewing and hemming away in a small room tucked into a corner of the Joffrey Tower at State and Randolph streets.
Four regulars have been joined by four seasonal workers to ready some 200 costumes for "The Nutcracker," the Joffrey Ballet's annual outing that this year plays Dec. 1-4 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles and Dec. 9-27 at Chicago's Auditorium Theatre.
They repair, they alter and they also replace — the original garments date back 24 years to the production's premiere.

Raise the Titanic Model Languishes in Malta

encyclopedia-titanica: The weather-beaten remains of the giant model used for the 1981 film flop "Raise the Titanic" is rapidly disintegrating in the village of Kalkara, Malta.
The 55-foot-long steel hull now provides an uncanny above-sea-level glimpse into how the real vessel is faring some two miles below the surface of the North Atlantic.
Nearly a quarter of a century of decay has been the model's lot since the movie, which lost £10 million and holed below the waterline Lord Lew Grade's attempt to break into Hollywood.

Instead of more data perhaps we should discuss why we keep ignoring the data we have?

Jumper: I finally had found some time this week to read Scott Walter’s excellent second post in his trilogy (all three now published) looking at the 1% vs 99% issues in the US arts and culture sector. A compelling string of comments follows this post, led by one of my other favorite bloggers, Clayton Lord, who argues two points: (1) Is it effective to turn against the ‘top’ arts organizations at a time when the arts generally are under attack? and (2) We need to collect more data to understand how to improve the system. Walters responds that the time for action has come and that collecting data has become, essentially, a way of postponing action. As much of a data geek as I have becomenow that I’m working on a dissertation (and as much as I would advocate for transparency and the collection of better data in the sector generally), I tend to agree with Scott Walters that data is probably not going to make the difference here.

New Season for Old Jokes “Doesn’t this guy read the papers?” you’re thinking. “Doesn’t he know that everyone is calling this a comeback season for the sitcom and that Ms. Deschanel’s show is one of the most popular around? Dude’s not right in the head.”
I thought so too, for a while. But I came to realize that I’m not the problem. The problem is that we’ve reached the End of Comedy.

Julie Taymor, American

Esquire: She was a young American traveling through Indonesia when she almost fell into the abyss. She'd been told about an inspiring place, an active volcano that erupted every fifteen minutes. But to reach it and peer inside, she'd have to climb up the steep and dangerous side of a dead crater. So she did. And when she reached the precipice of the crater, she crawled along its rim, terrified, her knees gripping the sharp volcanic rock and her eyes focused on the path in front of her, until she reached the volcano's edge. She looked inside and saw lava boiling in the brightest, deepest shades of yellow and red she'd ever seen, and she no longer felt terrified at all. She felt wonder. And joy. And then she slipped. She righted herself quickly, but not before a piece of rock took out a chunk of her leg. She hobbled down to the nearest village, and even after suffering debilitating infections and permanent scarring, she didn't regret the climb. How else could she have known what was waiting for her inside the volcano?

Long Live the UPA!

Meyer Sound!: In 1980, the UPA-1 was introduced as one of the first products built and sold by Meyer Sound. No one knew about the company then, or knew how many shows these systems would be on, or whether this new venture by John and Helen Meyer would be here to stay.

J-O-B Automation

Oregon Shakes Automation Engineer

J-O-B Lecturer

City Tech_CUNY Adjunct Faculty

J-O-B Production Manager


Oklahoma State University seeks qualified applicants for a Tenure Track Assistant Professor position in Technical Theatre and Production Management.  Responsibilities include teaching undergraduate courses in Stage Technology, Scenographic Techniques, and Advanced Stage Mechanics.  This position serves as technical director and production manager for 3-4 main-stage and 2-4 blackbox theatre productions.  this position has supervision of student crews and oversight of a 600 seat proscenium theatre, 100 seat blackbox theatre, and shop space responsibilities.  MFA in Technical Theatre and/or Design is required.  Evidence of college teaching, experience in wood and steel scenery construction, and CAD drafting is required.  Sound Technology and a secondary design area in sound, lighting, or scenery is highly valued.   Salary:  Commensurate with Experience.  

Interested candidates should submit a letter of application with a list of 5 references, curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation, and samples of production work to TD Search Committee, Department of Theatre, Oklahoma State University, 121 Seretean Center, Stillwater, OK  74078-4076;

For full consideration applications must be received by December 15, 2011 BUT,  will be considered until position is filled.  Oklahoma State University is an E-Verify/EOE/AA Employer.

J-O-B Scenery Director

Position Identification

Position Title:              Scenery Director

Department:                Utah Shakespeare Festival
Title of Supervisor:    Production Director
Status:                         Full-time, (40 hours / 12 months)

General Summary

The Scenery Director oversees all activities of the Scenery and Paint Departments, including stage crew for the Utah Shakespeare Festival (USF).  The Scenery Director is responsible for the planning, execution and completion of all scenic elements for productions at the USF.  The Scenery Director recruits and hires all scenic staff, manages budgets and coordinates schedules within the department.  The Scenery Director, in conjunction with the SUU Theatre Arts and Dance Department, maintains equipment and performance spaces while protecting the USF interests during the off-season.  The Scenery Director constructs the scenery for the USF Fall Season, Holiday and USF Educational Tour productions.

Duties & Responsibilities
1.                      Responsible for developing strategic and long term planning for scenery & paint department.
2.                      In conjunction with Production Director, prepares annual budgets for scenery & paint department.
3.                      Recruits and hires all scenery, paint, and stage crew staff and may represent USF at theatre conferences throughout the country for recruiting/hiring purposes.
4.                      Responsible for scenery/paint budgets including purchasing, data entry, recording keeping, and department purchase authorizations in coordination with the Business and Finance Office.
5.                      Ensures policies and operations for a clean, healthy and safe workplace.
6.                      Serves as liaison between directors, designers and technical department directors to complete scenery and paint to meet the needs of the productions. 
7.                      Communicates with designers on resources and budgets for productions.
8.                      Serves as a key participant in the design budget process.
9.                      With the seasonal Scenery Supervisors, creates preliminary and final scenic budgets for productions.
10.                  Articulates scenic engineering needs to the designers.
11.                  Coordinates research and development on materials and mechanics needed for productions.
12.                  Responsible for the timely execution of all scenery and paint.
13.                  Oversees daily operation of all scenic and paint department.
14.                  Counsels with scenery and paint department supervisors regarding use of labor, materials, and capital equipment.
15.                  Coordinates with all production departments on build schedule and production needs.
16.                  Plans and supervises the scenic load-in of all productions.
17.                  Attends (or is represented at) all technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals and note sessions.
18.                  Oversees repair and maintenance of equipment, shop spaces, and stage area of theatres.
19.                  Maintains stock of supplies and equipment.
20.                  Plans and oversees all end-of-season strike activities for scenery and paint department areas in coordination with other production departments.
21.                  Liaison with SUU Theatre Arts and Dance regarding facilities and equipment usage, availability of scenic equipment for non-USF productions.
22.                  Constructs scenery for Holiday and Educational Tour productions.
23.                  Responsible for all requests/rentals of scenery during off-season.
24.                  In conjunction with USF and SUU facilities, inspect and maintain all theatrical mechanical equipment including rigging systems and theatrical motor systems.
25.                  Other duties may include, but are not limited to, support for non-production USF events and support for non-USF events.
26.                  Perform other duties as assigned and agreed upon by the Production Director.

Education, Training and Skills

1.                     MFA in Theatre Arts and/or 3-5 years professional experience.
2.                     Training or experience in personnel management, budgeting and scheduling.
3.                     Training or experience in Technical Direction or Production Management.
4.                     Must be highly organized and possess excellent interpersonal communication skills.
5.                     Strong written, verbal and presentational skills.
6.                     Ability to work under severe time pressures and meet deadlines



1.                      Ability to collaborate with designers and directors, manage professional crews, budget labor and materials, maintain records and fiscal responsibility, and deliver production commitments on schedule.
2.                      Must have professional (regional theatre) experience with planning, engineering,
scheduling, supervising, and executing the construction of scenery.
3.                      Experience in managing or working with rotating repertory theatre productions  preferred.

Salary:  $32,000+, depending upon qualifications & experience; excellent benefits.

Ideal Start Date:  February 1, 2012 but negotiable

Application Process:  Please apply online at Southern Utah University Human Resources Website.
E-mail contact: for application questions

Closing Date:  Review of applications will begin December 15, 2011; the position will remain open until filled.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011
4:00 pm • University of Pittsburgh O'Hara Student Center (4024 O'Hara Street)
This Time Really Will Be Different: Adapting to Fiscal Reality
A LECTURE BY Dr. Robert D. Reischauer, Economist and President of the Urban Institute
AUDIENCE DISCUSSION MODERATED BY Governor Dick Thornburgh, Former Attorney General of the United States And U.N. Undersecretary General
Please visit our web site to reserve your spot: AE.HONORSCOLLEGE.PITT.EDU


Performing Arts Department/ Technical Director. Elon University invites applications for a continuing Assistant Professor position beginning mid-August 2012. The position requires significant experience in technical direction for musicals, plays, and dance at the university level; an M.F.A. with emphasis in Technical Direction; and a demonstrated significant and sustained research and teaching agenda related to current trends in scenic technology. Candidates must demonstrate skill with CAD, rigging, carpentry, and metalworking. Responsibilities will include serving as Technical Director for department productions; supervising students; managing newly created scene shop; and a willingness to work with a diverse undergraduate student population. Teaching will include courses within the Design and Production Curriculum and courses in Elon’s General Studies Program.

Elon is a dynamic private, co-educational, comprehensive institution that is a national model for actively engaging faculty and students in teaching and learning. To learn more about Elon, please visit the University web site at Review of applications will begin immediately. Applications must be received by December 31, 2011 to be assured of consideration. Send letter of application, CV, transcripts, statement on teaching philosophy, portfolio examples, and three letters of recommendation to (, including in the subject line your name. Elon University is an equal employment opportunity employer committed to a diverse faculty, staff and student body and welcomes applicants from underrepresented groups.

J-O-Bs - Kelly-Strayhorn Theater,

Technical Director Job Desc Summary Production Manager Job Rev 2011

J-O-B Technical Supervisor

Northwestern University Opportunity:

Northwestern University seeks to employ a varied and diverse range of dynamic people who understand the importance of our mission and vision. When you consider a career at Northwestern University, you know that you are joining an institution with a deep history of academic, professional and personal excellence.

Currently, we have a career opportunity as a Technical Supervisor with the School of Communication Theatre and Interpretation Center (TIC).   

About the Theatre and Interpretation Center at Northwestern University:
The Northwestern University Theatre and Interpretation Center exists as a component of the School of Communication with the specific charge of producing, managing, funding and selling the performing arts productions of the School of Communication, Department of Theatre and Department of Performance Studies, including programmatic responsibility for theatre, music theatre and dance. The Center adheres to and reflects the academic mission of the University, the curricular needs of the Theatre and Performance Studies departments, the educational priorities of Communication students and exists in service to the campus and the greater community of the Metropolitan Chicago area.
Each year, as many as 30 productions are mounted in the Theatre and Interpretation Center. Of those 30, approximately eight are main stage productions staged in the Ethel M. Barber Theater and the Josephine Louis Theater and are directed by faculty and guest artists.  There are three second year graduate collaboration projects that take place in a black-box theatre as well as three third year graduate productions, NEXT UP, taking place at the neighboring Steppenwolf Garage Theatre.  These productions include both classic and contemporary plays, dance performances and musical productions. In addition, the Theatre and Interpretation Center produces the annual Waa-Mu Show, an original student written and performed musical and also a summer season which includes two to three musicals and/or plays in conjunction with our American Music Theatre Project.
This critical role:

The Technical Supervisor is responsible for the planning, budgeting, execution, and installation of all scenic elements necessary for production. He/She coordinates the areas of properties, paint, scenery, and works closely with the design faculty and designers on each production.  The incumbent is responsible for the safe use and maintenance of Center equipment and facilities.   He/she is responsible for developing work schedules and supervising the work of graduate assistants, undergraduate students, work study students, student crews and temporary hires.  The position is also responsible for the acquisition of the new equipment in these areas and the maintenance of the facility associated with the job function.

Minimum Qualifications:

1.      Graduate degree in technical theatre, design, or its equivalent in a related discipline and a minimum of three years professional experience.
2.      Ability to execute and analyze draftings for the purpose of construction and rigging.
3.      Knowledge of common metal, plastics, wood and working tools and techniques.
4.      Knowledge of painting techniques and applications.

Preferred Qualifications:
1.      Master’s degree in technical theatre and 5 years professional experience.
2.      Advanced knowledge of scenery construction and its related techniques, rigging, welding, safety standards.
3.      Software: Vectorworks, AutoCad.
Working at Northwestern University:
Beyond being a place to learn and grow professionally, Northwestern is an exciting and fulfilling place to work! Northwestern offers many benefit options to full and part-time employees including: competitive compensation; excellent retirement plans; comprehensive medical, dental and vision coverage; dependent care match; vacation, sick and holiday pay; professional development opportunities and tuition reimbursement.

Northwestern greatly values work/life balance amongst its employees.  Take advantage of recreational, cultural, and enrichment opportunities on campus.  Employees also receive access to childcare solutions, retail discounts, and other work/life balance resources.

Northwestern University is an equal opportunity employer and strongly believes in creating an environment that welcomes students, faculty and staff of all races, nationalities and religions.  In doing so, we offer our students the opportunity to learn and grow in diverse communities preparing them for successful careers in an increasingly global and diverse work force.

For consideration, please click on the link below. You will be directed to Northwestern University's electronic recruiting system, eRecruit, where you will search and apply for current openings. To apply for this position in eRecruit, enter the Job Opening ID number in the appropriate search field. Once you apply, you will receive an email confirming submission of your resume. For all resumes received, if there is interest in your candidacy, the human resources recruiter or the department hiring manager will contact you. Job Opening ID number for this position is 18196.

Northwestern University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.