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Monday, April 30, 2007

Submission of Late Work - Re-Submission of Previously Graded Work

If you have homework you have not turned in, you may turn it in until the end of the day Friday. What’s the end of the day? It’s when I go home for the day. It won’t be until after 5:00. Homework which has not been turned in yet, that is submitted after the end of the day Friday will not be accepted. There will be grade deductions for late work – the later the work, the more the deduction.

The syllabi for each class say that work more than one week late may not be submitted for credit, so this is already an extension. There will not be another.

If you have homework you’ve gotten back graded that you would like to resubmit for reconsideration of grade, or because you’ve corrected the mistake, or added the part that is missing you may do so until 2:00 PM on Tuesday May 8th. If you are resubmitting something, I need you to also submit the original assignment and the grading sheet you got back from me so that I can tell what you’ve done – a note explaining what you’ve done isn’t a bad idea either. For CAD assignments that were returned without comment sheets, if you can’t tell what the deductions were for, you’re likely going to have to come in to see me so we can identify the issues. The presentation of re-submission is paramount, if the work is crappy I’m not going to look at it – don’t bring it in to school in your pocket, and don’t email it.

“How much can I expect to get?” Usually about half of the deduction, so if you got a 4/10 on something, you could move up to a 7/10 typically. Sometimes its less, sometimes its more, depends on what you did and what you’ve done since.

“Is it worth it?” Anyone that wants to come in and look at their average can do so and we’ll see what difference it makes. This is however somewhat more of an art than a science as often final grades are unfigurable until exams are graded. But we can make an estimate.

“Can I have longer?” No. The resubmission deadline used to be Monday end of the day. So the extension is already figured in. I need to be figuring final grades after that for our academic progress meeting on Wednesday.

Questions? Come see me.

BasicPTM - Meeting Package

Workin4TheMan (6:31:44 PM): Hey, TheMan
TheMan (7:31:46 PM): yuh
Workin4TheMan (6:32:04 PM): Quick question about the revised schedule for the meeting paperwork
TheMan (7:32:00 PM): k
Workin4TheMan (6:32:24 PM): Is this revision as of the end of the meeting?
Workin4TheMan (6:32:33 PM): Or as of the due date?
TheMan (7:32:34 PM): changes that were made/became apparent at the meeting
TheMan (7:32:54 PM): if you have others
Workin4TheMan (6:33:05 PM): Because our Tuesday Foundations class was cancelled, but we were not informed until after the meeting
TheMan (7:33:00 PM): you can include them
TheMan (7:33:11 PM): but you need to indicate that they didn't come up at the meeting
TheMan (7:33:19 PM): lest people who are there might think they missed something
Workin4TheMan (6:33:47 PM): Is it clearer to create two revised schedules?
TheMan (7:34:00 PM): I don't think so
Workin4TheMan (6:34:31 PM): Just note that the commitment in question was changed after the meeting?
TheMan (7:34:36 PM): and put it in your wrap up memo that way too
Workin4TheMan (6:34:53 PM): Ok, thanks
TheMan (7:34:49 PM): np

Corey wins USITT Award

Sightlines: "The USITT Award, the highest honor given by USITT, recognizes a lifetime contribution to the performing arts community, and it is my honor to present it to Irene Corey, a peerless theatrical designer, fine artist, and inventor, who astonished us with her creativity, and who history now shows to have established artistic trends that are the antecedent of design styles that strike us as startlingly original today."

In Memoriam: George Izenour

Sightlines: "George C. Izenour, professor emeritus of theatre design and technology and director emeritus of the electro-mechanical laboratory of the Yale University School of Drama, where he served for 38 years, died March 24, 2007 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was 93."

22 to Succeed & Be Seen

Kirsten Bracken
Jordan Dean
Craig DeLorenzo
Jarid Faubel
Susan Goodwillie
Melissa Tang

In a seated reading of:

"22 to Succeed & Be Seen"
A new play by
John-Paul Nickel

Directed by
Laura Konsin

Monday, April 30th at 8pm in the Checco (Studio A) Free to all.

The Cabaret

The Cabaret
Tuesday, May 1
5:00 pm
Movement Studio

Two Master Classes With Peggy Eisenhauer

Live Design: "Peggy Eisenhauer and Jules Fisher are partners in Third Eye Studio, working together on lighting design for Tony Award-winning musicals and Oscar Award-winning films. Peggy shares her deep passion and precise knowledge of lighting in two presentations at the BLMC each year."

'Secret Life of Girls' packs emotional punch

The Dallas Morning News: "Words wound. That's no surprise to anyone who has survived adolescence, but Linda Daugherty's world premiere of The Secret Life of Girls still packs quite a shock as a giggly girls' sleepover morphs into a next-day power trip with the popular queen bee trashing the birthday girl behind her back."

Bloodline of excellence

The Dallas Morning News: "A quarter-century after Paul Baker left the Dallas Theater Center, his influence is still felt all over town.
Most notably, of course, via his daughter, Robyn Flatt, who founded and leads Dallas Children's Theater. She stands out because her own achievement parallels her father's in a number of ways. The resemblance was pointed up by honors awarded to both of them this month."


Word of Mouth Review: "Peter Morgan's dramatization of David Frost's interviews with Richard Nixon after his resignation from the presidency centers on the question: Could a British talk show host, with no political convictions and a playboy reputation, be the one to elicit an apology from the man who committed one of the biggest felonies in American political history? The Broadway transfer of this West End hit brings back together Olivier nominees Frank Langella and Michael Sheen in the title roles. So, what's the word from our Word of Mouth panel? Watch it!"

Artistic director has high energy, big vision, lots to learn

AccessAtlanta: "While a techno dance track plays in the background and the sound of the city whirs in through a sliding glass door of his eighth-floor apartment, Fennelly is explaining his personal aesthetic — what's in store for audiences now that he's artistic director of Actor's Express, the 19-year-old Atlanta theater known for producing edgy contemporary work."

"Young Frankenstein" at the Paramount brings creature to ... life!

Seattle Times Newspaper: "It's alive! And it is lumbering into the Paramount Theatre this summer, with a Broadway A-team cheering it on."

Separate and nowhere close to equal

Colorado Springs Business Journal: "The arts are a major economic driver in Colorado, but not every city is benefiting equally."

Intern, or be your own boss?

Marketplace: "In a super-competitive job market, students these days can't afford to go without an internship. But some are skipping that step altogether and starting their own businesses."

Handling the bad stuff "Many people are having a bad time in organizations today. It’s not simply those experiencing budget cuts and lay-offs. Many others are experiencing a deep sense of hurt and loss: loss of much of a life outside of work, loss of their hopes and expectations, loss of their trust in the future, loss of confidence in reaching their career goals. The cruelest hurt is the collective loss of belief that things will soon return to normal. In today’s cut-throat world of global competition and corporate greed, it’s hard to know what normal is."

The Gentle Art of Saying No "It’s a simple fact that you can never be productive if you take on too many commitments — you simply spread yourself too thin and will not be able to get anything done, at least not well or on time."

CLO to present 'Always ... Patsy Cline'

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "'Always ... Patsy Cline' pays musical homage to country singer Patsy Cline, who died at age 30 in a 1963 plane crash. It focuses on the unlikely friendship that began in 1961 between Cline and Louise Seger, a fan who lived in Houston. The show develops -- as does the friendship -- from letters the two exchanged until Cline's death."

Attack Theatre shows dancers' 'Steel'

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Attack Theatre's 'Games of Steel' is a rush of high-energy narrative dance set to good, hard-rockin' music that was performed over the weekend at the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater in East Liberty."

Shirley Jones Returns to Oklahoma! and Stacy Keach Joins Army in Pittsburgh CLO Season

Playbill News: "Shirley Jones, already considered royalty in the world of Rodgers & Hammerstein for having starred in the films 'Oklahoma!' and 'Carousel,' will play Aunt Eller in Pittsburgh CLO's Oklahoma! this summer."

Sunday, April 29, 2007

j-o-b: Assorted

Production Stage Manager for Il Trovatore
Description: Qualified individual must possess a strong background in opera and/or musical theatre and be comfortable managing a large cast and crew (cast of about 60, crew of about 35), as well as calling a show performed in Italian.

Production Assistant
Description: This position is great for students or young professionals who are seeking to add professional credits to their resumes. PAs work on 2 productions (1 opera and 1 musical) and several concerts throughout the course of a season.

Props Designer & Master
Description: We are seeking an individual to manage a staff of 6 in the designing and execution of all properties for our 4 show rep.

Arts Management Intern

Description: We are looking for an individual to work in our front office and assist our General Director, Managing Director, Development Director and Controller.

All UFO contracts come with housing and travel in addition to the salary associated with the position.

Tayneshia L. Jefferson
Director of Production & Artistic Associate
Utah Festival Opera
59 South 100 West
Logan, Utah 84321
(435) 750-0300 x. 119

Santo Loquasto

New York Times: "SANTO LOQUASTO is canny with a metaphor. In the first half of “Our Leading Lady,” Charles Busch’s barbed sendup of show business, he framed the stage, a sketchy simulacrum of Ford’s Theater in Washington, with a majestic proscenium arch. As the action progressed, that arch shifted position to register the play’s ever-shifting perspectives. In the final act, it leaned forlornly against a wall, an eloquent shorthand for the players’ thwarted ambitions in the gray hours after Lincoln’s assassination."

Costumes bare true 'Intimate Apparel' characters

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Lynn Nottage's play, 'Intimate Apparel,' which begins previews Thursday at City Theatre, is about Esther, an unmarried African-American woman who designs and creates beautiful lingerie for women in 1905 Manhattan."

Pittsburgh deserving of nod as arts destination

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Last week, AmericanStyle magazine released the results of its 10th annual 'Top 25 Arts Destinations' readers' poll, and to the surprise of many, Pittsburgh placed first in the mid-sized cities category, up two spots from its 2006 ranking."

Paris shows feminine side "If you thought theater in Paris was dominated by French boulevard farces with saucy maids and winking adulterers, think again. Musicals? Mais non, the days of Gallic 'Les Miserables' wannabes are over. The biggest commercial hits now are works targeting women -- the legit equivalent of a 'chick flick' -- and shows headlining TV stars, even including the occasional news anchor."

Toolmonger’s Top 5: The Week In Tools

Toolmonger: "It’s been a busy week here at Toolmonger, but we did get to spend some quality time in the shop. If you’ve been spending time in the shop, too, and you haven’t had a chance to keep up with Toolmonger this week, we suggest you start with these posts, which our readers helped to select"

Saturday, April 28, 2007

j-o-b: TD & Scenic Artist

TECHNICAL DIRECTOR- Fayetteville, PA Totem Pole Playhouse, a 57 year old resident summer theater (AEA CORST) just west of Gettysburg PA., is seeking a Technical Director for its 6 show season. Technical Director responsibilities include engineering, construction, installation and strike of all scenic elements for 6-shows. Proficiency in managing staff, budget and schedule. CAD skills preferred. Knowledge of advanced scenic construction and use of stock scenery desired. Employment dates May 15th to August 15th. View season at Competitive salary with affordable housing in fully furnished theatre staff houses. Please submit letter of interest along with resume and references to Totem Pole’s Production Manager: Michael Domue; E-mail: mdomue@netscape furnished theatre staff houses. Please submit letter of interest along with resume and references to Totem Pole’s Production Manager: Michael Domue E-mail:

SCENIC ARTIST – Fayetteville, PA Totem Pole Playhouse, a 57 year old resident summer theater (AEA CORST) just west of Gettysburg PA., is seeking a scenic artist for its 6 show season. Scenic Artist works closely with Scenic Designer, Technical Director and Property Master for the finishing of all scenic elements. Requires excellent all-around scenic skills; ability to work independently and accurately in 2 week build schedules. Ideal candidate will also have design experience and be interested to design a show as part of the main stage season. Employment dates vary from May 15th to August 15th. View season at Competitive salary with affordable housing in fully furnished theatre staff houses. Please submit letter of interest along with resume and references to Totem Pole’s Production Manager: Michael Domue, E-mail:

Conservatory Hour

April 30 Conservatory Hour

Two events:

5:00 Critique for the “Oresteia” in the Chosky lobby

5:30-6:30 Clown Fest in the Chosky

Wilson's Hill on Broadway one more time

Post Gazette: "The play is 'Radio Golf,' the 10th and final installment in the late Mr. Wilson's epic Pittsburgh Cycle, which dramatizes the frustrations and ambitions of black America with a play set in each decade of the 20th century. 'Radio Golf' is the cycle's 1990s play. Premiered at Yale Repertory Theatre in spring, 2005, it was revised that summer as he was dying from liver cancer."

Opera Review: Opera Theater deftly fuses elements in 'Sound of Voice'

Post Gazette: "Fragility surrounded the small stage at The Andy Warhol museum Thursday night. Reflecting the fragile psyches of characters in a Philip Glass opera, visually compelling glass sets served as the backdrop."

Opera Theater mixes eras, cultures in 'Voice'

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Opera Theater offers fresh proof of its importance to local artistic life by its excellent production of a genuinely contemporary opera, 'The Sound of a Voice' by Philip Glass, at The Warhol this weekend."

'Glorious Ones' fulfills promise of its name

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Over the course of its first 31 seasons, Pittsburgh Public Theater produced eight world premieres.
Now, in its 32nd season, the company is producing its first world premiere of a musical."

A Peking swan song "The curtain is about to fall on Beijing's oldest opera house, as China's unstoppable push for development forces the closure of the Ming Dynasty Peking Opera stage at the Guanghe tea house.
The Guanghe theater is famous as the venue where Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang launched his illustrious career at age 10, more than a century ago."

Basic PTM - Meeting Package

WrappingItUp (11:05:04 PM): i'm doing my meeting paperwork
WrappingItUp (11:05:26 PM): when you say the schedule of the commitments should be revised,
WrappingItUp (11:05:51 PM): do you mean we should update them
WrappingItUp (11:06:02 PM): or just add the wrap up memo
IHaveAHeadache (11:06:16 PM): what does it say?
WrappingItUp (11:06:51 PM): revised schedule of commitments to be distributed with the wrap up memo
WrappingItUp (11:07:01 PM): so is the schedule revised by itself
WrappingItUp (11:07:13 PM): or adding the wrap up memo automatically revise itself?
IHaveAHeadache (11:07:28 PM): I don't have it in front of me
WrappingItUp (11:07:38 PM): oh
IHaveAHeadache (11:07:39 PM): but I would assume that you did a schedule for the day of
IHaveAHeadache (11:07:53 PM): and then now you are doing a revised schedule based on what we talked about
WrappingItUp (11:08:24 PM): ok, so the schedule should be updated based on the lecture
WrappingItUp (11:08:26 PM): hm
WrappingItUp (11:08:35 PM): one more question
WrappingItUp (11:08:51 PM): is wrap up memo simply the note summary from the meeting?
WrappingItUp (11:09:08 PM): what's been discussed, what is concluded?
IHaveAHeadache (11:09:15 PM): The wrap up memo gives the details from the meeting
IHaveAHeadache (11:09:22 PM): who was there
IHaveAHeadache (11:09:25 PM): what was discussed
IHaveAHeadache (11:09:32 PM): any decisions that were made
IHaveAHeadache (11:09:41 PM): any assignments that were made
IHaveAHeadache (11:09:53 PM): anything that got put in the parking lot for alter discussion
WrappingItUp (11:09:58 PM): who is the reader of the wrap up memo?
IHaveAHeadache (11:10:11 PM): the people that were at the meeting
WrappingItUp (11:10:16 PM): ok
IHaveAHeadache (11:10:17 PM): and anyone that missed the meeting
WrappingItUp (11:10:33 PM): awesome
WrappingItUp (11:10:42 PM): do i get to be posted on the blog this time?
WrappingItUp (11:10:50 PM): with the cool nickname?
IHaveAHeadache (11:11:01 PM): I was thinking you would be "WrappingItUp"
WrappingItUp (11:11:11 PM): lol
IHaveAHeadache (11:11:15 PM): and I would be "IHaveAHeadache"

Friday, April 27, 2007

IATSE Demands NBC Discipline "Law & Order" Producer

For the third time in as many years, the IATSE has asked NBC Universal Television to investigate continued complaints of racist and sexist remarks and antagonistic behavior from “Law & Order: SVU” Executive Producer Ted Kotcheff. According to the IA, several complaints from members of both Local 52 and Local 600 have come into their offices, prompting the International’s legal firm, Spivak-Lipton, to
seek redress from NBC-Universal.

After one such complaint, Kotcheff made what was referred to as a “half-hearted” apology, which also included a demeaning remark, rendering it moot. The latest accusation comes from a member of the show’s crew, who has reluctantly refused to file charges against Kotcheff for fear it will be career-ending.

In June, 2005, Local 52, joined by other IA production locals, filed charges against Kotcheff concerning highly inappropriate comments he had made on numerous occasions. An April 7, 2007, letter from Spivak-Lipton to the NBC Universal Legal Department, referred to those charges and stated that Kotcheff addressed an African-American crewmember as “Step’n Fetchit.” The letter also says Kotcheff told the
crewmember to “get your Caribbean ass out of here – go back to the Caribbean.” It goes on to state that Kotcheff frequently refers to Asian-Americans as “Chinamen,” and describes women in sexually derogatory and demeaning terms.

The letter from Spivak-Lipton also stated, “During the 2005 investigation, we advised NBC Universal that Mr. Kotcheff was a time-bomb and that it was only a matter of time before he visited vile, venomous, demeaning comments to other crew members…In a letter to the Company dated October 11, 2005, we expressed our disappointment with the Company’s investigation, its ‘high tolerance for inappropriate
behavior in the workplace,’ and its lenient interpretation and selective application of its anti-harassment/anti-discrimination policies.”

A longtime DP on “SVU” said, “I’ve been witness to Ted Kotcheff’s verbal abuse of the crew and actors for years. It’s a serious pattern of continued abuse. His solution to everything is to fire someone.”

IA President Thomas C. Short said in a statement today, “This kind of racist and sexist behavior is unacceptable in today’s workplace. We’re here to protect our members, and when a network or studio ignores repeated requests to discipline those who are accused of these actions, the message they are sending is very clear. They don’t care.”

Continued President Short, “It took NBC Universal almost a week to react to the Don Imus situation, and then only under pressure from black leaders and women’s groups, and the abandonment of advertisers. This shows a pattern of irresponsibility and insensitivity to this kind of behavior. We’ve been trying for three years now to get them to discipline Ted Kotcheff and they have continued to pass off these complaints as
insignificant. When it’s behind the camera, they think they can get away with it. Our members are not insignificant and we will continue to pursue this issue by whatever means necessary.”

The IATSE is an International Union that represents members employed in the stagecraft, motion picture and television production, and trade shows industries throughout the United States, its Territories, and Canada.

IATSE and Global Spectrum Reach Three Agreement

The IATSE and Global Spectrum reached settlement for a three year agreement covering production work in arenas throughout North America. The new agreement replaces the first time deal negotiated by the International in 2004.

Since its inception, the agreement has been implemented in 16 facilities in the United States and Canada ranging in size from 3000 to 20,000 seats. Activities spurred by the National Agreement have included increased job opportunities, improved conditions, and the introduction to the National Benefit Plans and a new charter being issued in Southeast Virginia. The Locals, with assistance from the International, have
organized a number of new members and have implemented training to increase jurisdiction within the Locals. The deal affects approximately 750 members in ten Locals’ jurisdictions, and includes over 175 new members.

The Negotiating Committee made up of Vice President Mike Barnes, Vice President and Co-Director of Stage Craft Brian Lawlor, International Representatives Ira Alper and Pat White were joined by Representatives from Locals 28 (Portland, Oregon), 53 (Springfield, Massachusetts), 114 (Lewiston, Maine), 229 (Loveland, Colorado), 500 (South Florida), 799 (Philadelphia Wardrobe) and 752 (Philadelphia Ticket Sellers). The negotiations took place in Philadelphia over a three day period resulting in a settlement agreement. Highlights of the agreement include recognition of the Hair and Make-Up
Departments, a 3% wage increase each year of the contract retro-active and compounded, increases to the Heath and Welfare and Retirement funds as well gains in jurisdiction and staffing and clarifications raised by the Locals at the bargaining table.

Global Spectrum’s parent company, Comcast-Spectacor, is the Philadelphia-based sports and entertainment firm which owns the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League, the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association, the Wachovia Center, the Wachovia Spectrum and Comcast SportsNet, the 24-hour regional sports programming TV network. Global Spectrum continues to expand the number of venues it manages introducing the IA into markets and facilities that have been historically hard to organize.

The International, under the direction of President Thomas C. Short, negotiated this first of a kind National Deal for stagehand and wardrobe work in arenas. Keeping with President Short’s policy of inclusion, the Local administering the contract was invited to participate and played and integral part in the final settlement. The success of this negotiation indicates that national agreements in stage craft will result in organizing new members and improving the wages, benefits and conditions of our Locals’ members.

The IATSE is an International Union that represents members employed in the stagecraft, motion picture and television production, and trade shows industries throughout the United States, its Territories, and Canada.

State of Play

City Theatre is pleased to present the final event of the New American Trio. Audience members and theatre artists alike, if you're interested in new plays, work on new plays, or want to work on new plays – whether as a playwright, actor, director, designer, or new play producer – join us to hear how a range of theatres find, develop, and produce new work, including their unique new play initiatives; what guest panelists recommend to emerging artists and producers; and how they think audiences respond to new work. Please come and participate in a discussion that will hopefully stimulate creativity and spark ideas in us all for new ways of working.


Sunday April 29 at 3:30 pm, City Theatre Company (13th and Bingham, South Side)

Free and Open to the Public

To survey the scene of new plays and their development and production, we've invited a distinguished panel of guests to discuss how plays are uniquely created and developed at their theatres, and to engage in a free-ranging discussion of new plays and new play production in America, including:

~ How theatres and our audiences should measure success for a new play production
~ Whether actors, directors, and designers and even arts management staff are being trained to serve new work
~ The importance of producing new works
~ The impact of the shift in new play production from New York to the regional theatres
~ Trends in current playwriting
~ Stemming the flow of skilled playwrights to TV
~ Ideas on making play development more constructive or innovative
~ Whether audiences seek out new work or simply good work, new or not
~ Whether funding requirements on playwrights help or hinder the creation of new work

And much more! Questions and comments will be welcomed from the audience.

City Theatre's Artistic Director Tracy Brigden and Literary Manager and
Dramaturg Carlyn Aquiline will be joined by panelists:

Howard Shalwitz, Artistic Director, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company (Washington, DC)
~ Woolly Mammoth has gained a reputation as a national leader in the development of new plays by holding fast to its unique mission: To ignite an explosive engagement between theatre artists and the community by developing, producing and promoting new plays that explore the edges of theatrical style and human experience, and by implementing new ways to use the artistry of theatre to serve the people of Greater Washington, DC. World premieres make up more than a half of the plays Woolly produces. One in five of these premieres is the result of a commission.

Diane Rodriguez, Associate Producer/Director of New Play Production, Center Theatre Group/Mark Taper Forum (Los Angeles, CA)
~ Center Theatre Group's New Play Production program is specifically designed to foster not only development, but production of new work from artists within the diverse communities of Los Angeles, as well as from across the nation and abroad. It is CTG's intention that this initiative will provide professional and career growth for artists, a broadening of horizons for theatregoers, enrichment of the field of theatre through support of new and rarely heard voices, and a wealth of diverse work into theatres in Los Angeles and around the nation.

Freddie Ashley, Literary Manager, Alliance Theatre (Atlanta, GA)
~ The Alliance Theatre is known for its national role in cultivating new voices, creating significant new theatrical works, and launching productions to Broadway. Over the years, the Alliance has produced more than 45 world premieres including an adaptation of Carson McCullers' The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, Ken Lin's Said, Pearl

Cleage's Blues for an Alabama Sky, Alfred Uhry's The Last Night of Ballyhoo, Elton John and Tim Rice's Aida, and Tony Award-winning The Color Purple (launching the latter two to Broadway). The Kendeda Graduate Playwriting Competition is a one-of-a-kind national competition that gives the winning graduate student a professional production of his/her work at the Alliance Theatre after a workshop at the O'Neill Playwrights Conference.

Seth Gordon, Associate Artistic Director, Cleveland Play House (Cleveland, OH)
~ Through its New Play Development Program, the Cleveland Play House is committed to commissioning, workshopping, and producing new plays. A major and unique component of the Program is The Playwrights' Unit, which offers member playwrights a supportive environment in which to develop work through its bi-monthly feedback meetings, and provides Unit members with a "home office," donating administrative resources such as photocopying and mailing services as well as staff support. The work of the Playwrights' Unit has been produced at The Cleveland Play House and around the United States.

Hatching from A to Z

Daily Autocad: "There has been innovations in hatching after AutoCAD 2000. This article is prepared for those a wide range of people from those who have no knowledge about hatching to advanced users. I hope it will be useful for you."

Film lobbyist Jack Valenti dies at 85

Yahoo! News: "Jack Valenti was not just Hollywood's top lobbyist. He was one of its biggest stars. The 85-year-old Valenti, who died Thursday of complications from a stroke in March, led the movie industry out of the prudishness of old Hollywood and into an age of freer expression with the creation of the film rating system that has endured nearly 40 years."

The Living Theater

New York Times: "Like all the performing arts, theater is both enduring and ephemeral. Its influence can be profound, but the act itself exists in time, and is consumed by its passing. Of the many thousands of plays written over the past couple of millenniums, only a fraction have survived, and even then they are only blueprints for three-dimensional structures that have been dismantled. The great actors from the ages before film and video are now known to us only by description."

Young Frankenstein Schedules Pre-Broadway Tryout

Playbill News: "Variety reports that the Brooks-Thomas Meehan musical will play an Aug. 4-Sept. 1 stint at Seattle's Paramount Theatre. Although Chicago hosted the pre-Broadway tryout of Brooks' smash hit The Producers, the producer of Frankenstein have chosen the city that hosted the tryouts of Hairspray and The Wedding Singer; those musicals both played the Fifth Avenue Theatre."

Frost/Nixon Interviews Hit Broadway

NPR: "When Richard Nixon went on television to speak with David Frost in 1977, it was the first time the former president had given an interview since his resignation following the Watergate scandal."

Playwright David Rabe Leaves the Stage Behind

NPR: "Playwright David Rabe is renowned on Broadway having created powerful plays, including a Tony Award winner and three that have been made into films. But it has been more than five years since one of Rabe's plays has opened in New York. Now he has turned to writing novels."

A Subway Station Murder Mystery in New York

NPR: "Traversing the New York City subway system can be scary enough. But now the public has been invited to call a special phone number inside the Canal Street subway station to be guided through a murder mystery. A theater group sponsors this piece of 'public art.'"

Asian-Americans Celebrate Diversity While Maintaining Shared Artistic Vision

VOA News: "The Asian Cultural Festival celebrates and explores the multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and multi-dynamic Asian-American experience. Where better to host such a festival than in Queens, New York - the most ethnically diverse county in the United States. From VOA's New York Bureau, Mona Ghuneim has the story."

Legally Blonde and Broadway's Girl Appeal

TIME: "'What's the story, morning glory? / What's the word, hummingbird?' That was Broadway teen talk back in the early '60s, when the high school kids in Bye Bye Birdie gossiped about their friends in a game of telephone tag. More than 40 years later, another band of gossipy girls is peeking out of another set of windows on a Broadway stage. How far have we advanced? Well, the kids are in a college sorority now, and the squeals of excitement--and the title of the opening song--have evolved into dumbed-down Valley-speak: Omigod You Guys!"

Were Critics Seduced by Kiss of the Spider Woman? "The Donmar Warehouse has revived the stage version of Manuel Puig’s novel Kiss of the Spider Woman, best known from its film and musical incarnations. The production stars Will Keen and Rupert Evans as two men sharing a cell in an Argentinean jail where one has been imprisoned for his sexuality, the other for his politics. Did critics embrace Charlotte Westenra’s production with a kiss or a raspberry? "

Will the £25m Lord Of The Rings musical be a monster hit?

the Daily Mail: "Welcome to The Lord Of The Rings, the musical - the biggest, most spectacular, expensive and ambitious piece of theatre ever to be produced.
Or at least it will be when, after more than four years of sleepless nights for producer Kevin Wallace, a dry run in Toronto last year, four months of rehearsals, six weeks of previews and £25million investment, it finally opens on June 19."

Some Suggestions On How To Celebrate World Intellectual Property Day

Techdirt: "Read the Constitution of the United States. Focus on the part of Article 1, Section 8 that says the purpose of securing a monopoly on works for a limited time is only 'to promote the progress of science and useful arts.'"

Thursday, April 26, 2007

j-o-b: Detailer

Art Director/Construction Manager

The art director will work with the design director to translate 3d models from design sketches into sets of working plans for production. These sets of plans are created for repeated use and will become part of our design and production inventory. Sample packages will be provided to the short listed candidates.

The ideal candidate will have 5-7 years of design experience in an exhibit, film set, theatrical or themed environment design environment, and be fluent in AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The successful candidate must be able organized and maintain several projects at once, and make subtle design/construction decisions throughout each project. The successful candidate will supervise one full time draftsman (and several part time draftsmen as needed), make regular visits to our fabricators and answer fabricating questions as they come up. The Construction Manager will report directly to the company Design Director and President.

Responsibilities Include

- Manage the translation of set design sketches and plans from our inside designer into 3D AutoCAD

- Work with an inside project manager to track and complete multiple projects.

- Make decisions on materials, lighting and art configurations for each project.

- Manage the creation, production and delivery of digital graphic files for outside production.

- Communicate with the fabrication shop on the day to day details of construction and detailing.

Computer Skills

  • AutoCAD, 2d and 3d experience is a must.
  • Adobe Photoshop and illustrator
  • Autodesk VIZ or MAX helpful but not required
  • Microsoft Excel/Word
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Experience in a Set/Exhibit, film, themed environment design or custom prop fabrication environment. Familiar with standard set and casework construction, aluminum, plastic, digital art, lighting and set fabricating techniques.

This is a full time job with benefits that commence after a probation period.. We are a small company, located in Pittsburgh, PA, with a national reputation for our set design for Broadcast News, lighting design and project management work. Our work product falls between theater scenery and exhibit/museum work. Most of the staff has been part of the company for more than 12 years.

No recent grads or entry level resumes will be accepted. You can see what we do at

Salary Range: Negotiable with relocation fees.

Job Starts: This is flexible, but we would like to have someone in place by December 1, 2007.

Send resumes and information to

No phone calls will be accepted.

Solar Decathlon

The campus community is invited to join Carnegie Mellon¹s Solar Decathlon team for a campus wide kick-off event Friday May 4, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the 2005 Solar Decathlon house in the Donner Dell next to the Margaret Morrison building. The kick-off will include food and drinks, in addition, visitors will be able to view the model of the 2007 home and other information about the Solar Decathlon event. Hosted by the Department of Energy, the Solar Decathlon event will be held this October on the Mall in Washington D.C.

Spring Fashion Show

It’s time for the annual Spring Fashion Show!

Thursday, April 26 starting around 4:00pm on the third floor and heading down to the Chosky lobby

The sophomore design class will be building costumes from non-fabric materials and modeling them. Don’t miss the parade down the grand staircase. Always exciting and full of laughs.

Lots of photo ops. Please join us for the fun if you can.

CFA Announcements

Carnegie Mellon's College of Fine Arts Announcement:
WEEK of Apr. 30 - May 6, Events, Call for Singers

WEEK OF PDF at link_________________________________________________________

Click link for next week's calendar:

Events _____________________________________________________________________

Please join the Carnegie Mellon School of Music celebrating the extraordinary life of Mimi Lerner.

Sunday, May 13, 2007, 7:30 p.m.

Kresge Recital Hall
College of Fine Arts
Carnegie Mellon University

Click link for invitation:

Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic Performs Works By Hindemith in Cleveland's Severance Hall, May 3

For information about tickets or the concert call 412-268-2383.

Free bus transportation from Pittsburgh to Cleveland will be provided.
Reservations for the bus can be obtained via e-mail:

The concert is sponsored in part by WQED fm89.3.

The Carnegie Mellon University Philharmonic, under the direction of Juan Pablo Izquierdo, will perform the works of 20th century master Paul Hindemith at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, May 3 in Severance Hall in Cleveland.

The Philharmonic's program will include Hindemith's "Symphonic Metamorphosis on Themes of Carl Maria von Weber," "Kammermusiken Number 1," "Five Dances From der Daemon" and "Symphony Mathis der Maler." Paul Johnston, a faculty member in Carnegie Mellon's School of Music, will host a pre-concert talk at
7 p.m.

Call for Singers ________________________________________________________

The Mendelssohn Choir will be holding auditions for new paid core singers in May and for new volunteer singers in June. Please call (412) 561-3353 for information.

To BCC or Not BCC: Email Etiquette "I have been surprised the number of people and contacts who are completely unaware of the differences between the To: CC: and BCC: fields when addressing emails. Understandably, it’s not really common knowledge."

Nightclubbing as theater "'We want to bring back the variety theater, the dinner theater, the concert hall saloon,' Hammerstein says. 'There's no room for subtext and there's no fourth wall. When you're trying to captivate 400 people who are talking, eating and drinking, there's no room for pretext. You have to engage the audience. And you better be damn good.'"

Met courts younger, hipper audience "Outside, dusk is settling on Lincoln Center and the wide plaza begins buzzing with smartly dressed sexagenarians -- the stately opera house's loyal patrons. But at the moment, Gelb, who arrived as the Met's new general manager last summer with a mandate to dust off the graying institution, has his mind on another audience, and a very different type of theater."

The players in New York theater "In scanning the legit landscape, Variety zeroes in on 10 burgeoning forces who operate both behind the scenes and under the spotlight. While some have already made waves, their future in New York theater looms as even more promising."

The National Theatre must stop neglecting the classics

Guardian Unlimited: "Something strange is happening in London theatre: a form of theatrical cross-dressing on which no one has yet commented. If you want to see cutting-edge experimentalism, the National Theatre is currently the place to go. Meanwhile, if you want to explore the English classic tradition, you have to visit the fringe. Of course, the division is not absolute. Later this year, the NT gives us Saint Joan; and the fringe has just hosted an experimental festival called Split. Nonetheless, I sense a crucial role reversal is taking place undetected."

It's the place where creativity and technology meet

The Boston Globe: "Welcome to the Collision Collective. Once a month, two dozen or so people show up at Jonathan Bachrach's Inman Square apartment, bearing chips, beer, and sushi. They crowd onto the sofa and every chair; they sit expectantly on the floor. Engineers and artists, robotics specialists and printmakers, they've come to listen and talk about the growing overlap between new technologies and art. "

'Hidden children' address 'Diary' audiences

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "When Shulamit Bastacky was a baby, a Roman Catholic nun saved her from the Nazis in World War II Poland by hiding the Jewish infant in a cellar. The Squirrel Hill resident, who is now 65 and moved to the United States in 1963, has heard all about the horror from her family, and she will share her experiences with audiences at 'The Diary of Anne Frank,' a Prime Stage Theatre production that plays for the next two weekends. Bastacky, along with a few other 'hidden children' from the Pittsburgh area, will address audience members in each post-show Q&A session with cast members onstage."

'Altar Boyz' presents a conflict of faith

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Forgive me, 'Altar Boyz,' for I have sinned. You came on a mission to lift spirits and spread the good news. But my bored-again attitude kept skewering the numbers on your Sony DX-12 Soul Sensor. Lord knows, the fault is not yours."

IATSE Goes After 'L&O: SVU' Executive

Backstage: "The IATSE has accused an executive producer of 'Law & Order: SVU' of repeatedly making racist and sexist remarks, claiming studio inaction on the situation is traceable to attitudes displayed in the recent Don Imus fracas."

School Postpones Play About Campus Shooting

Backstage: "Educators at John Marshall Fundamental Secondary School in Pasadena, Calif., have postponed the school's production of William Mastrosimone's Bang Bang You're Dead after receiving complaints that the show's content would be inappropriate in light of the Virginia Tech campus shootings. The play was scheduled to begin its two-week run on April 19."

Called to Account: The Indictment of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair for the Crime of Aggression Against Iraq — A Hearing - Tricycl

New York Times: "The premise behind the political plays often presented by the 240-seat Tricycle Theater in North London is that complex events and situations can at times be understood better when dramatized onstage than when recounted as news in dailies and on television."

Attack plan: 'Games of Steel' band is built for diversity

Post Gazette: "People expect bands to get up and do their thing -- musically. They usually have a label, like heavy metal or classic rock. But the members of Attack Theatre's band in 'Games of Steel' defy definition. They're calling it a 'dance rock opera,' but it is laced with elements that reflect the globe-trotting interests of what may be considered a virtual band."

Stage Preview: Musical spoof of Christianity, boy bands mixes affection with reflection

Post Gazette: "With a book by Kevin Del Aguila and music and lyrics by Gary Adler and Michael Patrick Walker, The Altar Boyz are a fictitious Christian boy band on the final stop of their 'Raise the Praise' tour, and they're determined to save souls through their music, with the help of their 'generous sponsors at Sony.'"

Stage Review: 'Via Dolorosa' likely to leave you feeling wholly conflicted

Post Gazette: "Via Dolorosa is Latin for 'way of grief.' A street in Old Jerusalem, it is also the legendary route that Jesus took to his crucifixion.
So it is a gutsy choice as the title of David Hare's monologue describing a visit to the troubled lands shared by Israelis and Palestinians. "

Playbill News

Playbill News: "'Set in the 60's,' according to a release, Mermaids follows 'the story of the turbulent relationship between a flamboyant, outrageous mother and her two daughters, who just want a normal and stable life.' The production also features classic pop hits, including 'Johnny Angel,' 'Shamalama Ding Dong' and 'The Shoop Song.'"

TV producer accused of racism, sexism

Yahoo! News: "The Intl. Assn. of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) said it has complained to the show's producer, NBC Universal Television, in three instances involving allegations against executive producer Ted Kotcheff over the past three years."

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

John Wells

John Wells has agreed to an all school community forum tomorrow in the Chosky at 4:30 pm. Any student specifically not conflicted by other class responsibilities is expected to attend. Many of you will remember the quality of exchange and engagement that John brought to his last visit to the school and we are very much looking forward to the same with this visit.

John Wells School of Drama Event
Thursday, April 26
4:30 pm
Chosky Theater

Heading for Disagreement

Inside Higher Ed: "An Education Department panel negotiating possible changes in federal rules governing accreditation began its third and final meeting in Washington Tuesday, with sharp disagreements over the measurement of student learning outcomes and colleges’ policies on transfer of academic credit seeming to greatly diminish the odds of the widespread consensus department officials are insisting on."

Glass' 'Voice' captivates Opera Theater

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Opera Theater artistic director Jonathan Eaton already was looking for an opera by minimalist composer Philip Glass to present when two singers from Eaton's 2006 production of Richard Wagner's 'The Ring of the Nibelungs' mentioned 'The Sound of a Voice' to him."

Musicals look at ins, outs of 'Romance'

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "If you believe the title of the Top-40 hit from the '60s, 'Love is Strange.'
It can't get much stranger than it is in Seton Hill University Theatre's production of 'Weird Romance,' two one-act musicals of speculative fiction."

73rd Annual Drama League Award Nominees Announced

Playbill News: "Nominees for the 2006-2007 Drama League Awards, which will be held May 11 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, were revealed April 25. Nominees were announced in four categories: Distinguished Production of a Musical, Play, Revival of a Musical and Revival of a Play."

Hurricane Katrina gets musical makeover for UK Proms

Reuters: "A new musical inspired by the hurricane that devastated New Orleans in 2005 will set the global warming theme of this year's world famous Promenade Concerts, the BBC said on Wednesday."

Chalk Muralists Needed

Craigslist: "I am looking for a sidewalk chalk mural artist to participate in a summer festival in one of Pittsburgh's trendiest areas. "

for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf

Pittsburgh City Paper: "Point Park Conservatory's for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf is an earnest and occasionally inspired production of a flawed but important work."

Reefer Madness

Pittsburgh City Paper: "While I do not use drugs (unless you count sarcasm as an amphetamine), when it comes to other people's drug use I have a hands-off policy. This may be born of my bleeding-heart politics, or perhaps I'd enjoy life more if everybody would just get stoned and leave me alone. But I will say this: People who are high are never quite as entertaining as they think they are."

Julius Caesar

Pittsburgh City Paper: "As staged by Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre and directed by Andrew Paul, a new production of Julius Caesar seems to make constant references to Berlusconi's Italy. The lines are Shakespeare's, but these Romans are very much modern Italian politicos"

All the world's a stage, or at least in many New York living rooms

Los Angeles Times: "The atmosphere is something between the first hour of a party and a real-estate open house, and it is, in fact, a bit of both. It's the set on this recent evening of a form-meets-function theatrical production called 'The Sublet Experiment.' "

Our playwrights get lonely on the cutting edge

Los Angeles Times: "
A quick perusal of the Pulitzer winners for drama clarifies what we've long suspected: Cutting-edge theater rarely carries home the prize."

Yale backs off ban on weapons in plays; audience will be notified "A week after a Yale University official banned prop weapons from school plays in response to the Virginia Tech killings, the Ivy League school has reversed course and said audiences will be notified in advance of the use of fake guns, swords and knives."

Young cast skillfully captures clash of cultures

The Boston Globe: "There's a bit of the workshop still clinging to 'Surviving the Nian,' which Melissa Li began writing four years ago at the tender but clearly prodigious age of 19. It's abundantly evident why the project earned a coveted award from the Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation, a nonprofit set up by friends and family of the creator of 'Rent.' The script, mostly sung-through, is well structured, and the music and lyrics are complex."

Healing the Dancer Seminar Hosted by Bebe Neuwirth | News #038; Media: "On Monday, May 21, dancer Bebe Neuwirth will host a panel discussion on the on the unique emotional, physical and practical issues dancers face when addressing injuries. The seminar will be held in the community room of The Aurora Residence, 475 West 57th Street in New York."

South Florida Equity Members and Theatres Win Carbonell Awards | News #038; Media: "The Carbonell Awards, recognizing the best of South Florida theatre from Palm Beach County to Miami-Dade County, honored AEA actors and theatres on Monday, April 9th at the annual award ceremony. "

Pretty women play 'ugly' on Broadway

NY Daily News: "In all seriousness, casting pretty actresses to play drab characters always smacks of dishonesty. Until, and this is important, you consider that the vast majority of 'women don't see themselves as they really are.'"

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New job: Production Stage Manager Needed

Major San Francisco Bay Area dance company, ODC Dance announces an opening for a Production Stage Manager. Candidate must have strong background in dance, 5 years technical experience and good management skills. New work is created each year. Company does two 3 week seasons at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in SF and tours 5-10 weeks a year. This is a full time position with good health benefits. Salary is commensurate with experience. To view detailed job description go to

To submit a resume go to NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE.

Basic PTM - Meeting Package

MakingAList (4:24:24 PM): hey CheckinItTwice, for our agenda, should we just put on their what you gave us (review for the test, discussing work we have left, and next year's production dept. preferences) or should we add something else? or elaborate on those?
CheckinItTwice (4:26:26 PM): your agenda should be what we're going to do
MakingAList (4:26:39 PM): ok... so its ok if it's really short?
CheckinItTwice (4:27:03 PM): if thats what we're doing
MakingAList (4:27:10 PM): ok, thank you
MakingAList (4:28:03 PM): do agenda's include times?
CheckinItTwice (4:28:16 PM): sometimes
CheckinItTwice (4:28:25 PM): how long something will take
CheckinItTwice (4:28:41 PM): if you poke around a little with templates you find all kinds of things
MakingAList (4:28:48 PM): ok, is it alright if it's not accurate?
MakingAList (4:28:50 PM): the time?
CheckinItTwice (4:29:06 PM): its only a best estimate
MakingAList (4:29:20 PM): ok. awesome
MakingAList (4:41:07 PM): for the schedule being distributed, were you thinking of classes left in addition to projects? or is that strictly homework based?
CheckinItTwice (4:43:05 PM): whatever you think best tells the story
MakingAList (4:43:11 PM): ok