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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Basic PTM - Calendar Format Project

WorkingNightBefore (6:59:11 PM): hey eProf, how detailed does the notebook size calendar need to be?
WorkingNightBefore (6:59:32 PM): would "cut list rocket ship" work?
eProf (6:59:38 PM): what is normal?
eProf (6:59:57 PM): maybe
eProf (7:00:02 PM): depends on your formatting
WorkingNightBefore (7:00:01 PM): what is practical...?
eProf (7:00:26 PM): you want to be able to tell who is working on what unit on what call
WorkingNightBefore (7:00:57 PM): so i should definitely put the departments, huh?
eProf (7:01:18 PM): if you were the person working
eProf (7:01:22 PM): would you want to know?
WorkingNightBefore (7:01:28 PM): yes
eProf (7:01:50 PM): how detailed beyond that is dependent on how you format things
eProf (7:02:03 PM): and when more information means you might actually be able to understand less
WorkingNightBefore (7:02:17 PM): oh, really?
eProf (7:02:28 PM): but you have to look and see what you think
WorkingNightBefore (7:02:28 PM): hm, interesting...
WorkingNightBefore (7:02:42 PM): yea, i'm just looking at sideshow install schedule
eProf (7:03:08 PM): some of the calendars people do for crew are good
eProf (7:03:11 PM): some
eProf (7:03:12 PM): less so
WorkingNightBefore (7:03:16 PM): and I thought it seemed much more brief than i thought
WorkingNightBefore (7:03:29 PM): ok...
WorkingNightBefore (7:03:49 PM): i'll see what works for my formatting..
eProf (7:03:55 PM): ok
WorkingNightBefore (7:03:58 PM): thanks

WorkingNightBefore (9:12:15 PM): how big is the D-sheet, eProf?
WorkingNightBefore (9:12:29 PM): it is 4 A4 papers combined?
eProf (10:08:05 PM): d-sheet
eProf (10:08:08 PM): 24x36
WorkingNightBefore (10:08:26 PM): REALLY?
eProf (10:09:03 PM): really, uhhuh, that's the fact Jack!
WorkingNightBefore (10:09:21 PM): sure...
WorkingNightBefore (10:09:28 PM): i'm going to keep with C sheet

WorkingNightBefore(8:43:02 PM): hey eProf, its WorkingNightBefore
WorkingNightBefore(8:43:28 PM): is it safe to assume that the largest calendar is going to be the most detailed?
eProf (9:01:04 PM): it is safe to assume that you have more room
eProf (9:01:12 PM): but whether there's more?
eProf (9:01:15 PM): less so
eProf (9:01:24 PM): your text will likely be bigger
WorkingNightBefore(9:01:29 PM): yeah
WorkingNightBefore (9:02:48 PM): i guess i'm just not sure which purpose these all will serve, like will the posted one be one that an entire general crew looks at? and the notebook one be the one that just a few select have?
eProf (9:03:14 PM): generally a posted schedule is for everyone
eProf (9:03:23 PM): and a passed schedule would just be for department heads
WorkingNightBefore (9:04:38 PM): ok, so the notebook is most detailed for the crew heads, the biggest most informative for the masses, like call times and just a general overview of what they're working on?
eProf (9:04:50 PM): ok
WorkingNightBefore (9:06:17 PM): and the one in the middle is a happy medium?
eProf (10:10:07 PM): version three needs to work as both a small and large composition
WorkingNightBefore (10:10:36 PM): yeah, that's what i meant, i just numbered it to fit in my head :-)
eProf (10:10:46 PM): ko

WorkingNightBefore (8:59:19 PM): hi
WorkingNightBefore (8:59:31 PM): i just finished my calendar project
WorkingNightBefore (8:59:33 PM): but then realized
WorkingNightBefore (8:59:46 PM): i didn't start on the right date
WorkingNightBefore (8:59:50 PM): is that alright?
WorkingNightBefore (8:59:54 PM): or do i need to redo it
WorkingNightBefore (9:00:15 PM): cuz i have everything done and printed, etc
eProf (9:00:43 PM): the date is not insignificant
WorkingNightBefore (9:01:15 PM):'s a problem then?
eProf (9:01:33 PM): could be
eProf (9:02:08 PM): not sure how many points though
WorkingNightBefore (9:02:12 PM): any is enough
eProf (9:02:33 PM): you could turn it in
eProf (9:02:41 PM): and then if it turns out to matter redo it then
eProf (9:02:49 PM): or
eProf (9:02:55 PM): you could assume it will and fix it

WorkingNightBefore (9:39:40 PM): do our calendars need to incorporate carnival?
eProf (10:08:24 PM): you are using the school of drama and university schedules
WorkingNightBefore (10:08:34 PM): copy
WorkingNightBefore (10:08:36 PM): thanks

Penumbra cuts season short

St. Paul Pioneer Press: "In what its managing director called an act of 'prudent motherhood,' Penumbra Theatre Company will cancel its spring production of 'I Just Stopped by to See the Man.'

Chris Widdess said 'a few hiccups,' including some unexpected administrative expenses and a fall fundraiser that didn't happen, were the main reasons it was necessary for the St. Paul theater to truncate its season."

Merits of artistic mergers

Guardian Unlimited: "Imagine if you'd been listening to the financial news this morning, but instead of the usual corporate stuff about Virgin Media taking over NTL, which had previously taken over Telewest, the script had gone something like this: 'In a move that has rocked the stock market, the Royal Shakespeare Company has launched an aggressive bid to take over the Blackpool Grand. Meanwhile, share prices in Newcastle's Baltic have risen steeply amid rumours of a merger with Edinburgh's Fruitmarket Gallery.'"

Resume: You’ve Got 30 Seconds "An insightful look at employers and their resume reading process comes from RandsInRepose. You’ve got 30 seconds, as an applicant, to impress. This may not be the case with many employers, but I’m sure it’s almost spot on for most."

Productivity & Organizing Myth #6 – I can find anything in my piles. "Myth: Piles of papers or things are organized and people can find anything quickly in those piles. They say, “Believe it or not I know where everything is.”"

Civic Theatre tackles little-known Simon comedy

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Leon Tolchinsky has an unusual predicament.
The ambitious young school teacher is charged with breaking a 200-year-old curse that has everyone in his 19th century Russian village acting incredibly dumb. Not only does he have to cure the chronic case of stupidity, but he has only 24 hours to do it or else he, too, will fall victim to the curse."

Chicago Theater

New York Times: "This city is known for its bare-knuckled political brawls, but a spirit of greater fellowship reigns in the cultural sphere. The easy flow of audiences and artists between Chicago’s large, established theaters and the scrappy up-and-comers has been instrumental in maintaining its stature as the country’s most vibrant dramatic capital after New York, allowing now-celebrated artists — from David Mamet to John Malkovich to Mary Zimmerman — to make their way from the fringes to the mainstream."

Stage Review: Musical Theater's 'Footloose' energized by large cast

Post Gazette: "It's a musical comedy, so it's no surprise that 'Footloose' is about dancing, in both subject and mode. So it's good to report that Pittsburgh Musical Theater, in the first local professional version of this pleasant but unremarkable 1998 show, puts all of 52 people on stage, mostly in the big, entertaining dance numbers."

Local schoolkids try out their Shakespeare in the Public's annual monologue contest

Pittsburgh City Paper: "'And if mine eyes can wound, now let them kill thee.' The actress stands alone on the big O'Reilly Theater stage, performing Phoebe's monologue from As You Like It. Later, two actors play Romeo and Tybalt, circling each other with prop swords. 'Either thou or I or both must go with him,' one threatens, and after some swift stage combat, the other falls to the floor."

Mr. Marmalade

Pittsburgh City Paper: "How inept is Noah Haidle's Mr. Marmalade? Well, the production in New York -- starring Michael C. Hall and Meryl Streep's daughter -- opened in November '05 and closed in January '06. If you have the star of Six Feet Under and the daughter of theater royalty in your play and still can't eke out more than a two-month run, then something's wrong."

The Frogs

Pittsburgh City Paper: "If I were the lazy sort, I'd just activate the thesaurus in the software program and run paragraphs of text listing all the synonyms for the word 'delightful.' Such a move might make a mockery of my astronomical salary, but it would also, certainly, be the perfect review of Point Park Conservatory Theatre's production of The Frogs."

Theater empowers Palestinians "It's early morning in the troubled Jenin refugee camp, an isolated, impoverished stronghold for Palestinian resistance movements in the West Bank. Deep within the camp, a lively meeting is in progress in a freshly painted backroom. Its participants, however, are armed neither with Kalashnikovs nor hand grenades, but solely with the power of theater."

The provocative theater group gets a class of its own at UCLA

Los Angeles Times - "A course embraces Culture Clash, a Chicano trio that has turned the spotlight on barrio-based theater."

16 plays in 10 days -- must be PlayFest

Orlando Sentinel : Theater: "In anticipation of the Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival's Harriett Lake Festival of New Plays, which opens tonight, artistic director Jim Helsinger points out that even the words 'new play' can be subject to interpretation."

Gay Jews see parallels in Purim

Orlando Sentinel : Theater: "As a child, Idit Klein celebrated Purim by wearing homemade gowns and tiaras to play beautiful Queen Esther. She fantasized about how she, like the heroine who dangerously confessed her faith to save her fellow Jews in ancient Persia, could have somehow rescued her relatives from the Holocaust."

Broadway springs into action

New York Daily News: "The Broadway spring musical sweepstakes is underway - and it promises to pack Playbills with memorable characters. Among them are a sorority princess and a pirate queen; a 1930s spinster and a 1950s sleuth; and no less than two famous muses - one, a composer's wife, the other, a Greek god's daughter."

Judge Lets Family Keep Winnie the Pooh

AOL News: "A federal judge in Los Angeles has rejected an attempt backed by Walt Disney Co. to strip rights to the 'Winnie the Pooh' character from the estate of long-time Pooh licensee Stephen Slesinger, according to court documents made public Friday. "


City Theatre is pleased to offer the following event, which is Free and open to the public:


A writing workshop exploring a play's journey and how it relates to place, led by award-winning playwright Michele Lowe, author of City Theatre's upcoming Mezzulah, 1946 (full bio below).

Wed. Feb. 28 at 7:00 pm

City Theatre, 13th and Bingham, South Side

In Mezzulah, 1946, the war is over and the boys are home, but at the Boeing airplane plant Mezzulah has no intention of giving her job to a man. Like her hero, Leonardo da Vinci, Mezzulah is ahead of her time and dreaming of flight. But she won't be flying solo. Along with Mezzulah, the other women of Monroe, Washington, are about to take wing-each in her own way. A transcendent new play with heart, humor, and period music which premieres at City Theatre from March 8 - April 1, 2007.

Michele Lowe is also the author String of Pearls, which premiered at City Theatre in 2003, went on to receive an Outer Critics Circle Award nomination, and is featured in Best Plays of 2005 (Smith & Kraus, 2006).
Other plays include The Smell of the Kill (Broadway debut), Backsliding in the Promised Land, Map of Heaven, and the musical Hit the Lights! (book and lyrics). Lowe recently helped inaugurate the Colorado New Play Summit at Denver Center Theatre with Good on Paper, which was commissioned by the Geva Theatre Centre. Her plays have been developed at MOMENTUM, the Eugene O'Neill National Music Theatre Conference, New Harmony Project, PlayLabs, New York Stage and Film, and the ACT & Hedgebrook Women Playwrights Festival. Lowe's plays have been produced at Primary Stages, Vineyard Theatre, Intiman, City Theatre, Syracuse Stage, Reykjavik City Theatre (Iceland), Berkshire Theatre Festival, Cleveland Play House, and Cincinnati Play House in the Park, among dozens of others. Her work appears in Monologues for Women by Women (Heinemann, 2004). Screenplays include Quitting Texas for Avenue Pictures and the recently completed Context. Lowe is a recipient of the Frankel Award. She is a graduate of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. She is a member of ASCAP, the Dramatists Guild, and a Core Member of the Playwrights' Center.

Mezzulah, 1946 and "Time:/Place:" are presented as part of this season's "New American Trio," three exciting new plays and other events celebrating City Theatre as a premier home for the development of plays. For additional information and activities on the "New American Trio," please see the Season and Special Events pages at .

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Basic PTM - Critical Path Project

PathInALine (6:56:57 PM): i've found that my steps for my rocket flat do not make up the most interesting critical path
PathInALine (6:57:04 PM): right now my only steps consist of
PathInALine (6:57:28 PM): layout flats, cut list flats, cut wood, assemble flats, mount sockets, wire lights, paint flat
PathInALine (6:57:45 PM): which basically end up being one straight line
PathInALine (6:57:52 PM): nothing can really happen while something else is going on
PathInALine (6:58:29 PM): am i going to need to re-evaluate the project completely?
PathInALine (6:59:47 PM): and add...multiple steps?
PathInANet (7:20:44 PM): or break the "flats" into sub projects
PathInANet (7:21:06 PM): as likely one could be painting the first flats built while the others are being fabricated
PathInANet (7:21:30 PM): probably the electrical could be a little more specific too
PathInALine (7:23:40 PM): how so for the electrical
PathInALine (7:23:57 PM): (yeah definitely for breaking it up into flats though)
PathInANet (7:24:43 PM): there's probably a process there too, yes?
PathInANet (7:24:57 PM): things need to be prepped before they are installed
PathInALine (7:25:03 PM): i guess?
PathInANet (7:25:12 PM): doesn't have to happen that way, but could
PathInALine (7:25:35 PM): ok

Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force/Pittsburg Public Theater Benefit


Volunteers are needed for the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force/Pittsburg Public Theater Benefit on Wednesday, March 7th.

You must be free between 5:30 and 11:00-ish for this, and be able to travel downtown. The New one-act Comedy LIFE X THREE will be the feature Show that evening.

There will be lots of VIP'S. You may be interested in knowing that CMU Alum's ROBBIE MARSHALL and BILLY PORTER are scheduled to be in town for this!

You'll be given a Shirt to wear, and some gifts. More importantly, you'll be donating your precious time to a really worthwhile cause!

PLEASE sign up on Gary's Door (Room 355) if you can assist. Several have, but we could use more!

Photo Coverage: Broadway Backwards 2

( "On February 26th, Broadway legends and rising stars took the stage at 37 Arts (450 W. 37th St.) for 'Broadway Backwards 2,' benefiting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center. "

Mayumana, Israeli Movement Troupe, Bounces Into Union Square With 'Be'

Yahoo! News: "Mayamuna (pronounced my-YOO-muh-nuh, from the Hebrew meaning 'skill') was created in Tel Aviv in 1996 as 'a purely theatrical event that combines elements from various art disciplines based on music, movement, acting, dance and Rhythm,' according to production notes. 'An ever-evolving performance piece, Mayamuna has gone through constant re-creation in its 10-year history, giving focus to the individual talents of its evolving roster of cast members, who come to the show from all parts of the globe.'"

Dutch stars hurt in Grease mishap

BBC NEWS: "The stars of a Dutch production of Grease were injured when their car fell into the theatre's orchestra pit."

Canadian Deal a Blueprint for U.S. Actors?

Backstage?: "Groundbreaking terms for new-media compensation penciled into Canadian actors' Independent Production Agreement have industryites hoping the recently struck deal portends good things for impending contract talks with Hollywood labor unions."

Organizing Paper and Information: 7 Mistakes that Sabotage Your Productivity "As Professional Organizers helping people organize their home offices and workspaces, here are the 7 biggest information-organizing mistakes we see in our work with clients– are you making these mistakes too?"

Priorities and Posteriorities "Priorities. While our lives get more chaotic and demanding, we’re constantly trying to remember what our priorities are, and to prioritize time spent on our priorities."

The Oresteia

New York Times: "In the last few years, David Johnston’s fertile imagination has run wild in a giddy comedy about a pornographic comic strip (“Busted Jesus Comix”) and a supernatural fantasy featuring the Warhol superstar Candy Darling and the Roman Catholic activist Dorothy Day (“Candy & Dorothy”). So it comes as a surprise to see it somewhat shackled in his new retelling of Aeschylus’ “Oresteia,” which includes some of his trademark off-kilter sensibility but none of his familiar flights of fancy."

Co-working facilities for social-hungry solo freelancers

Boing Boing: "Cool piece in Businessweek about the rising popularity of 'co-working' spaces for independent, internet-age freelancers who are burnt out on working from their homes (cons: too isolating, makes you crazy, no work/life boundaries) and don't want to just work out of Starbucks (cons: too public, not networking-conducive, laptop theft, rising price of lattes)."

Short Takes: Camerata's 'Feast of Fools' a sumptuous spread; 'Bubbe' is sweet, sad

Post Gazette: "It was quite a balancing act for Rebecca Rollett's Pittsburgh Camerata, an ensemble that expertly teetered between sacred and secular, comedy and profundity at the Sixth Presbyterian Church in Squirrel Hill on Saturday. In this most serious of times, it takes courage to voice -- or in this case vocalize -- the humor that lies beneath the surface of everyday life."

Stage Review: 'Spring Awakening' follows in footsteps of 'Rent'

Post Gazette: "'Spring Awakening' has a title that is doubly or triply right. It refers first to the content of this explosive and engaging rock musical, but even though more than a century old, it also describes its effect on wintertime Broadway."

Two Canadian Troupes Will Wage Findley's The Wars in World Premiere

Playbill News: "This is the first stage adaptation of the famous Canadian novel about the struggles of a man in the First World War. Garnhum penned the adaptation and will direct the production, which launches at Theatre Calgary before moving to Vancouver."

Oscar's Overlooked Stars: Geeks

Wired News: "One of the most awkward moments at the Oscars comes after the announcement of best visual effects. A small herd of not-so-svelte men storm the stage. With the global limelight shining, but with no collective gift for public speaking, they thank the dozens of people who made their wicked explosions and slow-mo gun battles possible."

Virtual Designers Busy in Online Worlds

Wired: "When Toyota Motor Corp. wanted to promote its new Scions to young buyers, it turned to one of the growing number of digital design companies doing business in the popular online universe 'Second Life.'"

NYC TV/Film Biz Expands in Bklyn

Show Business Weekly: "Steiner Studios, already Brooklyn’s largest film studio, is about to get even bigger. Plans have been announced for the renovation of a seven-story building in the Navy Yard that will bring the studio’s size up to 600,000 sq. ft. — nearly twice what it is currently. The new building will be home to industry-related businesses, creating, as one source noted, “A full-blown media campus.”"

Up-front fee proposals are a 'fudge', say unions

The Stage: "Proposals to outlaw the taking of up-front fees on the day at casting events fall “far short” of the action necessary to protect artists from unscrupulous agents, according to unions. The Department of Trade and Industry is consulting on the measures as part of plans to protect vulnerable agency workers, which also include setting out more stringent rules, covering fees charged for inclusion in casting books or directories."

Friedman expands into musicals and big events

The Stage: "SFP has appointed Lisa Makin and Pam Skinner in the newly created roles of creative producer and head of production respectively, in a bid to enable the company to take on larger and more long-term projects. Makin joins the organisation from the Royal Court Theatre, where she has served as associate director and head of casting for the last 20 years, while Skinner arrives from the Really Useful Group where she worked as production co-ordinator."

ENO cut jobs in face of Treasury funding threat

The Stage: "English National Opera has claimed that its decision to axe 45 members of staff is necessary because of the uncertain financial environment created by the threat of cuts following the Treasury’s forthcoming Comprehensive Spending Review."

Angstrom Lighting Hosts Class on Large-scale Projection Design

Lighting&Sound America Online: "In the morning, participants will learn the history and subtleties of large-scale projection using state-of-the-art Pani equipment, as well as how to inspect a site properly, create projections for distinctive environments, and translate designs to suit the appropriate media. In the afternoon, there will be a hands-on experience with equipment, installation and application."

Basic PTM - Critical Path Project

NewbProjectTamer (11:49:08 AM): hey ProjectCynic, its NewbProjectTamer, i have a question about the calendar/critical path assignment
ProjectCynic (11:49:20 AM): k
NewbProjectTamer (11:50:31 AM): right now, i have it scheduled so that one person does all the labor and a second person is only used if a task requires 2 people as per my estimate, should i leave it like that or should i reschedule the labor so 2 people can work on 2 tasks simultaneously?
ProjectCynic (11:51:25 AM): all things being equal, you want everyone you have to always be working
NewbProjectTamer (11:53:07 AM): okay, and also, microsoft project is highliting my critical path only for a few tasks near the end, doesn't the critical path have to trace a single route from start to finish? is there any way i can get ms project to fix this or let me highlite the path manually?
ProjectCynic (11:55:10 AM): the critical path goes from "start" to "finish" so something is squirrelly there. It could just be graphic and confusing. You can use the drawing tools to cloodge something on there manually, but I am unaware of any way in MS Project's CPM view to change what it decides is the critical path
ProjectCynic (11:55:23 AM): it is however like CAD only doing what you tell it to
ProjectCynic (11:55:43 AM): so I would check the predecessor of the first item it is saying is critical
NewbProjectTamer (11:57:03 AM): okay (perhaps this will fix itself when i reschedule the labor)... it has 2 predecessors, but i dont think that is the problem, because later on in the critical path, there is another task with more than one predecessor that is highlited properly...
NewbProjectTamer (11:58:01 AM): does it maybe have to do with the types of constraints set on the tasks (ie. Must Finish On vs. Start as Soon as Possible)
ProjectCynic (11:58:08 AM): well, I've never seen it make a mistake like you are saying. So my assumption is there is something goofy in the data entry or the set up
ProjectCynic (11:58:14 AM): could be
ProjectCynic (11:58:28 AM): like I said, sometime Project is the devil
NewbProjectTamer (11:58:58 AM): okay, i'll look into that as well, it keeps trying to make suggestions and 'help' me schedule things... i find it's often wrong
NewbProjectTamer (11:59:21 AM): alright, well thanks, i'll see if i can get it to work
ProjectCynic (11:59:27 AM): sometimes you have to agree to disagree
ProjectCynic (11:59:30 AM): ko
ProjectCynic (11:59:33 AM): good luck

Movie Theaters Realizing They Don't Need To Just Show Movies; Experiment With Video Games As Well

Techdirt.: "Every time we hear movie theater owners complaining about how they can't compete with DVDs these days, we wonder why they don't recognize the advantages of having a big room with a giant screen, a good sound system and lots of (hopefully) comfy seats."

Monday, February 26, 2007



by Naomi Iizuka
directed by Michael Denis
Helen Wayne Rauh Studio Theater, Purnell Center

Wednesday, February 28 at 8 pm
Thursday, March 1 at 8 pm
Friday, March 2 at 4 pm and 8 pm

Admission is free. Tickets will be available at the door one hour before curtain.

Semester Reviews

A couple of people have asked about a schedule for semester reviews. Here’s what I know:

Dates: 5/10, 11, 14, & 15

The format will be Class Jumble less Seniors and Grad 3s. Seniors will crit as a class. Information on these presentations will come at a later date (Thesis should be 5/16).

Also, you should not assume you are excused from semester reviews if you have landed yourself a gig that requires you to leave early. Anyone in that type of situation must receive clearance from their option coordinator prior to agreeing to the employment. It shouldn’t be a huge problem, but it shouldn’t be assumed and we need to get everything lined out (same goes for returning in the fall by the way).

So, two things…

#1. Please let me know about conflicts for the above listed dates early.


#2. I am willing to accept ideas for sequencing, I have one, but maybe yours will be better.

I hope to have a first pass at a schedule together for 3/8.

The GMail Nerve Center "Steve Rubel from Micro Persuasion has put together a handy multi-tutorial for using Gmail as the center for a variety of applications. "

The Thinkers: Her world is the stage and she sees bright future

Post Gazette: "Winter can be a tough season in the theater, Tracy Brigden says.
'Usually around this time of the year, it's the tubercular lounge,' with patrons sniffling and coughing like Gatling guns, says the artistic director of City Theatre on the South Side."

Could Britney Spears have cut her hair to avoid a drug test?

Slate Magazine: "Rumor has it that Britney Spears may have shaved off all her hair last weekend to avoid having it drug tested during her child custody battle with Kevin Federline. How much can you learn by testing someone's hair?"

‘4 real’ women recognized in Black History presentation

Pittsburgh Courier: "As Black History Month celebrations continued throughout the city Under Authority Theatre Group presented “4 Real Women” at Wesley Center AME Church this past Sunday in the Hill District to share, through drama, information about lesser known African-Americans who have made unique contributions to Black History."

`Monologues' is moving off Notre Dame campus

Chicago Tribune: "'The Vagina Monologues,' which avoided being banned from the University of Notre Dame last year, won't be performed on campus this year because student planners couldn't get an academic sponsor."

Give us a clue

Star Tribune: "Since 1989, he has written 25 comedies for his Mystery Cafe, a theater that asks its audience to parse clues and red herrings between dinner courses. Adams, as dyspeptic detective Chase Taylor, sweats his way through mystery until, shortly after the dessert plates have been cleared, he announces that he has cut through the thicket and cracked the case."

Journey's End

Word of Mouth Reviews: "Written in 1928 by R.C. Sherriff, this stirring drama tells the story of a group of British soldiers in a front line standoff with Germany in World War I. Set solely in an underground trench and dimly lit to realistically mimic candelight, the play relies on the performances of rising British film star Hugh Dancy, three-time Tony winner Boyd Gaines, Tony winner Jefferson Mays, fresh face Stark Sands and the rest of the ensemble cast to tell the intensely human story of these men. We sent three real people critics to find out if it succeeds. Watch on."

Behind the Scenes: Getting Green with Wicked Leading Lady Julia Murney Buzz: "Video shot and edited by Jesse Zook Mann
Interview by Paul Wontorek"

Alliance sticks to winning formula

AccessAtlanta: "Broadway's 'The Color Purple,' which opened at the city's largest playhouse in 2004 and went on to win the backing of producer Oprah Winfrey, is one example. Next fall, Booth's theater will stage the world premiere of yet another one, which also happens to be an Oprah-related property: 'The Women of Brewster Place,' based on the Gloria Naylor novel that was made into a 1989 TV film starring the popular talk-show host."

Sibling rivalries blossom into a satisfying drama "Putting on a play is never easy, but the Women's Theatre Project faced some unanticipated drama in readying its new production of Colette Freedman's Sister Cities, almost losing its rented warehouse performance space mid-rehearsal because of troubles between the Cooper City Theatre (a different company that held the lease) and the landlord."

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bitter ACTRA strike leaves Hollywood North battered "A bitter six-week labour dispute between Canadian actors and producers was nearly the 'final nail in the coffin' for the country's already battered film and television industry, which experts say now faces a long, hard, uphill climb along the road to recovery."

Let's see; how to convey this properly; um; pipe the #$%&*@# down!

St. Paul Pioneer Press: "This is a message to the folks who sat in row BB, seats 103 and 104, at the opening night of 'Love, Janis' in the McKnight Theatre at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts.

Shut up."

How much did you pay?

Chicago Tribune: "As little as two years ago, a last-minute call to the box office for a great Saturday night seat to a hit Broadway show sparked two disappointing words: sold out. Not anymore. If you want to see 'Jersey Boys' at New York's August Wilson Theatre next Friday night -- or any other 'sold out' Broadway attraction -- Telecharge can likely help you. You just hit the 'premium tickets' button on the official Web site. And prepare to shell out $351.50 per ticket."

Elite or Elitist? "Walk the halls of Denver's strongest secondary school and it's not unusual to see ballerinas twirling by lockers or hear trombonists sliding jazz in the concert hall. Students in their spare time hold Edgar Allan Poe readings and stitch elaborate stage costumes into the wee hours of the night."

It's not summer, but it's time to think about internships

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Given the weather and the time of year, if you're a high school or college student, you're more likely to be thinking spring break than summer work.
As a winter-weary woman, I'm the last person to deny a sun-deprived student his time in the sun.
But while you're surfing the Internet in pursuit of an beach holiday, those of you with an interest in theater may want to stop by some other Web pages and give some thought to your summer plans."

That Night You Opened, and There You Are

New York Times: "THE theater is rich with superstitions. Consider how many actors refuse to call Shakespeare’s Scottish play by its actual title, or those who can’t abide hearing “good luck” instead of “break a leg.” And just as there are things one cannot do in the theater, there are also things one must do: knock on wood, pray, do a headstand. Hey, whatever it takes to calm jittery nerves and ward off bad luck, especially before the most anxiety-filled performance of all: the opening."

Ars Nova - Playwrights

New York Times: "MONDAY Something felt very unusual about the first public reading, earlier this month, of Brooke Berman’s “Out of the Water.” It wasn’t just that the play was good; that sometimes happens. Nor was it so rare to find, even on a bitter Monday night in February, an enthusiastic audience of 40 and a top-notch cast of young theater names. But it seemed almost suspicious that a hip new play by a writer not widely known was being presented in a room with comfortable seats. Also, the heat worked. And what had become of the rats and pigeons that usually attended such readings? Who printed the nice programs? Why were the bathrooms so lovely?"

New, Notable and Not on Broadway

New York Times: "SPRING can be cruel to Off Broadway plays. As the end of the theater season approaches and the deadline for Tony consideration looms, Broadway shows line up nose to tail like jets ready for takeoff. It can be hard for smaller-scale productions to find any room at all in the news-media spotlight trained on things theatrical."

A Gloves-Off Season, as Theatrical Giants Prepare to Do Battle

New York Times: "FROM a theatergoer’s point of view matches made in heaven are a bore: no friction, no fireworks, no clash of contrasts. When two stars are united in creative matrimony on a stage, what’s wanted is a dash of antagonistic hellfire, of surface incompatibility, to bring out the fighting best in each."

ABC Daytime Salutes Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Presented Feb. 25

Playbill News: "Emmy Award winner Susan Lucci, who is arguably the biggest star of daytime television, will be among the artists taking part in the third annual ABC Daytime Salutes Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS benefit concert Feb. 25 at Town Hall."

Why does the camera add 10 pounds?

Slate Magazine: "For weeks, Hollywood stars have lip-plumped and lasered themselves in preparation for the red carpet photographers at the Academy Awards. Celebrities have many reasons to fear the camera: Just look at Tyra Banks, who recently blamed bad camera angles after tabloids caught the former model sporting flab in a bathing suit and dubbed her 'Thigh-ra Banks.' So why do cameras add 10 pounds?"

Basic PTM - Calendar Format Project

If I'm just boosting up the time a bit, can I turn in the critical path sheet (the table) with it, rather than the entire project summary?

Also, if each flat takes 2 hours, but our work day is 3:50... how do we do that since we can't just build both flats in 1 day... Is it something like:
Day 1:
Build A
Build B
Day 2:
Finish B... ?

If you are changing your estimate, I would like to have a new estimate. You should likely include it with your critical path as well.

You need to place your estimated hours over the available lin time. If that means something splits into two calls, then that’s the way it goes. Also, think about the validity of that 3:50 assessment (I am not saying it is wrong - just to consider).

Basic PTM - Critical Path Project

CriticalQuestion (11:55:54 PM): hey CriticalSuggestion this is CriticalQuestion
CriticalSuggestion (11:56:02 PM): hi
CriticalQuestion (11:56:08 PM): have a question for you
CriticalSuggestion (11:56:17 PM): ok
CriticalQuestion (11:56:49 PM): to do the Critical path, is there a program you recommend or is that something we should just draw out
CriticalQuestion (11:56:51 PM): ?
CriticalSuggestion (11:57:17 PM): You can try to use MS Project if you like. I think it is installed in the Fisher Cluster
CriticalSuggestion (11:57:27 PM): but really it might just be simpler to draw it out
CriticalSuggestion (11:57:55 PM): (or you can draw in the computer useing CAD or Excel or a myriad of other selections)
CriticalQuestion (11:58:23 PM): okay, thank you
CriticalSuggestion (11:58:36 PM): np

Toolmonger’s Top 5: The Week in Tools

Toolmonger: "It’s been a very, very busy week here at Toolmonger, but one thing made us happy: We got to spend some time in the shop."

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Basic PTM - Calendar Format Project

Quick question...
Should our calendar follow our original estimates? Or would you prefer if we tried to make our total hours a little closer to the actual? It just seems that my calendar is going to be super short... like take a week... or less...

You can make changes to your numbers if you like, or stand by your original estimate. You calendar just needs to match your estimate, so if you make a change you should submit the new estimate as well as the calendars.

Tips for Saving Money at College "Ask the Advisor has an exhaustive list of 136 tips for college students to save money. I wish I had seen this list when I was still in school. Many of the tips are common sense, and I was able to come up with some of these tips during my own four-year journey."

DC's Shakespeare Theatre to Present Will Awards

Yahoo! News: "At the gala, the Shakespeare Theatre Company's core company members will be honored with the William Shakespeare Award for Classical Theatre (the Will Award) in recognition of their distinguished work in classical theatre."

The Jaded Assassin

New York Times: "The rule at rehearsals was simple: “If you hit someone for real, you owe them a beer,” said Timothy Haskell, director of “The Jaded Assassin,” which runs through March 4 at the Ohio Theater in SoHo and includes more than an hour’s worth of onstage martial-arts combat."

Drama troupe explores issues of faith for gay Christians

Post Gazette: "Dreams of Hope is a drama troupe for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and 'questioning' youth -- and their straight friends. The 4-year-old troupe devotes each season to a different theme, such as school or family. This year it is 'Gay Youth in Good Faith' -- an examination of relationships with God."

Seton Hill's 'Everyman' keeps medieval text, adds modern music

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Performing a morality play - especially one penned in the Middle Ages - might not seem too appealing to an average college theater student.
Dr. Terry Brino-Dean, associate professor of theater and director of the Seton Hill University theater program, has come up with a way to give 'Everyman' -- a medieval drama that deals with man's fear of dying and his hope for redemption through his actions on earth -- a contemporary twist."

PMT's 'Footloose' trips the light fantastically

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Pittsburgh Musical Theater's production of 'Footloose' might not have the audience dancing in the aisles of the Byham Theater.
But Colleen Petrucci's sassy choreography has the cast dancing up a storm onstage. The show's curtain call number was spirited enough to bring the audience to its feet in a joyful celebration of the show's youthful, exuberant cast."

Edinburgh jumpstarts fringe binge "Like a department store luring Christmas shoppers in the fall, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is making an advance foray into New York to drum up attention in March.
This spring, the venerable Scottish fest will attempt to boost its Gotham profile with a Fringe-affiliated production, showcase and artists' workshop all debuting within a month of each other. That's a full five months ahead of its yearly August berth in Edinburgh, where it features three weeks of theater, dance and comedy."

'Equus' revival blinded by the light "A revival of a 1973 psychological drama about a boy who blinds six horses might seem unlikely to cause a box office stampede. But that thinking doesn't allow for the 'Harry Potter' factor.
Prior to its first preview, London's new production of Peter Shaffer's 'Equus' already had taken an eye-widening £1.6 million ($3.1 million). Why? Because the play marks the stage debut of Daniel Radcliffe, better known as the title character in Warner Bros.' wizard franchise. And for about 10 minutes of the play, he's naked."

A Day at the Coast : First Utopia Marathon Held Feb. 24

Playbill News: "Get out your seat cushions, Tom Stoppard fans — the first all-day marathon of the playwright's Coast of Utopia trilogy begins at 11 AM on Feb. 24 at Lincoln Center's Vivian Beaumont Theater."